Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Kalthertz Island

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For those of you that have done the Shushire questline, which is part of Lost Ark’s main story, you’re already familiar with Arkesia’s frozen wastelands in the world’s glacial region. Kalthertz Island is situated up there as well and is tied to Shushire’s story through the continent's main antagonist, Vrad, as it is the location of his black market human trafficking operation.

There is a quest chain on the island that links its happenings to Shushire’s story, but like most islands in Arkesia, Kalthertz has Mokoko Seeds. There are only three Mokoko Seeds here, so let’s get right into where they are located.

Getting To Kalthertz

Like Shushire, Kalthertz is in the northern regions of Arkesia and surrounded by Cold Snap Seas. Granted, these Cold Snap Seas are only level one, so sailing through them shouldn’t impact your ship's durability all too much. Just be wary not to stay in those waters for too long, because if you Alt-Tab and forget you’re sitting right outside the island (after using Song of Escape, for example), your ship is going to be broken by the time you come back to the game.

Mokoko Seed One

The first Mokoko Seed is the simplest one to find but is still decently hidden. It is tucked away beneath the threshold that leads into the northeastern room where some bidding on slaves is occurring. The only way you can actually see the seed is by standing under said threshold. Once you do, it will promptly phase out of existence and clearly reveal the seed in the left corner.

Mokoko Seeds Two And Three

The second and third Mokoko Seeds are found off-map. The hidden entrance (left image) is on the eastern portion of the island and is deceptively barred by a flimsy gate. Don’t let it fool you, for you can simply walk right through it and down the stairs to the secret room.

One seed is on the left side of the secret room, next to a standing torch, and the other seed is on the right side of the room, in the upper corner. To leave the secret room, just walk back down the stairs.

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