Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed in Frostpeak Temple

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  • Mokoko Seed One – The Balcony
  • Mokoko Seed Two – Beyond The Portcullis
  • Mokoko Seed Three – The Secret Area

Frostpeak Temple is the culmination of your efforts in the Iceblood Plateau area of Lost Ark. You’re rewarded with a visually stunning dungeon with some great set pieces. Sadly, this short, linear temple only hides a measly three mokoko seeds for you to collect. But hey, you’ve got to get them all, right?

Not only are there only three mokoko seeds in Frostpeak Temple, two are very easy to miss as they need certain triggers to make them available. While you don’t need to have learnt any sheet music to gain access to all the seeds, you do need to have destroyed every ice barrier in the dungeon to gain access to it – so bear that in mind as you explore.

Mokoko Seed One – The Balcony

Head up the stairs from your arrival point and dispatch the first wave of demons and insects. This will open up jump points, allowing you to continue northwest. Move through the next area and up the stairs to help out the Graymoon guards and continue the story.

It’s after this you start to find ice barriers. Remember you need to destroy them all. When the long walkway you’re following turns right, walk straight ahead to the balcony there. You’ll find your first mokoko just behind the left of the two pillars.

Mokoko Seed Two – Beyond The Portcullis

Now work your way northeast across the long bridge, taking out all the Summoning Demons as you go. Work your way up the steps at the end, remembering to take out the ice pillars.

When you can go northeast no more, the quest text will change to, ‘Save Father Sian from the Plague Demons’. In the area before you turn northwest, look for some pots in a corner between the two sets of steps.

Investigate them to raise the portcullis at the top of the steps just to your right as you investigate. Head up them and into the room at the top to find your second seed.

Mokoko Seed Three – The Secret Area

After heading northwest across the bridge of ice created by Sian, you’ll battle demons in a large area on the other side. Once defeated, stick to the right side of these battlements and follow the guard rail along until you see an unearthly, wispy blue glow.

If you don’t see the glow, you’ll need to go back and find the ice pillar you missed. Once it appears, walk into it to be taken to a secret area, at the end of which you’ll find the final mokoko seed of Frostpeak Temple.

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