Lost Ark: Relatable Things Every Player Does

We have all quickly become obsessed with Lost Ark, instantly falling in love with one of the few MMORPGs to incorporate an isometric top-down hack-and-slash style of gameplay so seamlessly in a lush fantasy world.

Despite the dozens – if not maybe hundreds – of hours some of us have already invested into the game, we keep falling prey to the same blunders. Whether they be silly gameplay mistakes, bad habits, or compulsive spending streaks, here are a few things all Lost Ark players do.

10 Accidentally Using Your Identity Skill

It happens to the best of us. Somehow or another, you manage to fat-finger your Identity Skill at literally the least opportune moment. If you are someone who prefers to play Lost Ark with a controller, this is especially easy to do.

If this happens to you more often than you would care to admit, you can remap some of your keybinding configurations for default abilities such as your Identity Skill by going into Settings and accessing the Hotkeys settings.

9 Forgetting You Can Respec Your Skill Points

This is not New World (thank goodness) or even any other hack-and-slash game of the same ilk. Once you pick the branches of your skill tree, you are not stuck with those choices, and neither do you have to pay out the caboodle to unlearn your skills.

You can respec your combat skills at any point in time by simply adding or subtracting skill points from the tree. So do not be afraid to spend some points willy-nilly, you can commit to a new build whenever you please.

8 Making New Characters Before Completing The Main Story Quest

The characters in this game are just so pretty. How can you resist meddling with the character creation system some more, especially when there are so many cool classes and subclasses to choose from? Luckily, you can create up to six characters on a server, and join as many servers as you like.

Besides, having secondary or "alt" characters is hugely useful in playing Lost Ark, particularly after reaching end-game. Having alts helps you maximize the benefits of end-game dailies or hoarding resources. Thanks to the Power Pass, you can even instantly level two of your alts to level 50 for free after completing the Main Story Quest once.

7 Using Up All Your HP Potions

Wait. Before you go equipping all those new, shiny-looking HP potions to your hotbar, you might want to hold onto them. You would think that "healing potions" and "HP potions" would be synonymous. Well, in Lost Ark there is a subtle but very important difference. Healing potions will heal you for a certain amount of HP over eight seconds. Whereas HP potions recover a certain percentage of your health instantly.

Because HP potions are much harder to come by, this makes them invaluable during end-game content. Plus, these get you more bang for your buck once you have more health to heal.

6 "Memeing" In Zone Chat

Chatting with strangers from all over the globe is half the fun of playing an MMO. Whether you choose to join the general chaos or hang back and chuckle at other players' antics, participating in zone chat can add some nice levity to the grind of Lost Ark.

On the flip side, at present, there is also a fair amount of spam from bot accounts in zone chat, especially in busy areas like Prideholme. If you would like a little more quiet, you can right-click on the Chat Tab and enter Chat Settings to disable an area chat.

5 Forgetting to Log In For The Daily Bonus

Maybe you already consider Lost Ark as a sort of part-time job, logging in every night to do your dailies or grind dungeons with friends. If you are a more casual Lost Ark gamer with a little less time on your hands, this sort of daily commitment might be out of your ability.

The good news is that you do not have to sink hours into Lost Ark every day to reap some reward. Logging in once a day just to grab your Login Event bonus benefits you immensely. Besides item chests, Login Event bonuses even contain rewards like card packs or crystals.

4 Keeping the Overlay Minimap On All The Time

Why bother spamming Tab when you can just keep the minimap in sight 24/7? Sure, you have the minimap in the top right corner, but it is so much easier to navigate a region with the whole minimap overlay onscreen.

Having the minimap overlay pulled up is also incredibly useful when attempting to track down Secret Dungeon locations from blue scrolls looted in a region.

3 Wasting Money On Pets And Mounts

No, you do not need a Chipper Totoiki. But then again, you kinda do. Lost Ark makes buying pets and mounts especially tantalizing, particularly when both are so essential to the game.

You obtain both a mount and your first pet very early on, and pets especially have so much utility when it comes to gathering loot quickly. They are on your screen so often, how can you not want a super cute one?

2 Forgetting To Repair Your Items

You pick up new armor so often in Lost Ark that you might quickly forget that, yes, your armor does break. Rather than finding yourself in the middle of a dungeon with a broken chest plate, whenever you find yourself at a central hub in any region, keep an eye out for merchants who can repair your items.

The expense is fairly minimal, especially considering how quickly you rake in money while questing. Make sure you don't leave yourself vulnerable at the worst possible time.

1 Missing All The Mokoko Seeds

Sorry, you mean to tell us that there are nine Mokoko Seeds to find in Loghill? How is that even possible? If you have not found any Mokoko Seeds yet, these delectable little pear-shaped seeds are a collectible item you can find throughout Lost Ark. There are literally hundreds of Mokoko Seeds, and each region has some hidden on the map.

You can see how many Mokoko Seeds are in each area by checking out the "Mokoko Seeds" section of the collectibles menu. The really is no "trick" to finding them all either, besides to keep your eye peeled while moving through the environment for a random "interact" icon that might pop up over a hidden one.

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