Lost Ark: All Arthetine Monster Locations

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The Arthetine continent of Lost Ark has a real steampunk vibe. There’s a gritty, metallic feel to all the towns and villages, and while most of the regions are covered in desert, they’re littered with the remains of huge pieces of broken machinery. This is also well-reflected in the monsters you’ll find here.

You’ll need to find and defeat 15 monsters to help complete your Arthetine Adventurer’s Tome. From nasty local predators such as living cactus plants and scorpions, to the shattered remains of past experiments, including robot prototypes and tanks, they’re widely spread across six areas of the continent. All the monsters are on the main map, so you won’t need to visit any dungeons to complete the set. For all the monster locations you need, read through the guide below.

Arid Path Monster Locations

Illegally Modified Weapon Prototype

Leave Lupen Port in Arid Path, go through Outskirts, then turn east when you get to the Research Camp area. Go right across the large area you arrive in and follow the path that leaves it northeast. At the end of the path, it forks as it widens into a large area – and an Illegally Modified Weapon Prototype spawns right at this intersection.

Steel Eater Boss

If you start from the Lupen Port Triport, head to the northeast of the town and take the lift there. Head through the Outskirts, towards the path that leads downhill to the nearby Research Camp. A Steel Eater Boss spawns just at the top of the path, at the northernmost point of the small Outskirts area.

Nebelhorn Monster Locations

Deadly Virulent Scorpion

Start out at Nebelhorn’s Lab Triport. Leave the area east through the Hoverboard Lab, and go north through the area beyond to its northwest corner. Go west across the bridge there into an area full of scorpions and snakes. Follow the south side of the area into a small nook in the southwest corner. Here, you’ll find a group of scorpions, including the Deadly Virulent Scorpion you need.

Sappy Wallou Cactus

Enter Nebelhorn via the Scraplands portal, head west through the initial small area, and west across the bridge. Turn immediately right or left on the far side of the bridge to find two Sappy Wallou Cactus spawn points.

Solitary Goraon

Head down the long southwest path from the Nebelhorn Lab Triport in Nebelhorn. Turn left at the end and walk through the Twilight Hill area. Instead of heading east towards Scraplands, turn south. You’ll soon come to a small area with jump points on the east and southwest sides. A Solitary Goran spawns in the south corner of the area just before the southwest jump. But don’t be fooled – it is anything but solitary, so expect a battle.

Wanted Smuggler

Start out at the Oasis Triport in Nebelhorn. Head south into the smuggler’s den as the path starts to turn southwest. There are two buildings flanking the path as it thins out before going over a bridge southwest. You’ll find a Wanted Smuggler by these buildings in a large group of smugglers.

Scraplands Monster Locations

DIS_MK-II Prototype

Go west from the Relay Guard Camp in Scraplands. Pass the Hoverboard Testing Site and then turn south, heading east from the area beyond. As you work your way northeast, you’ll find the DIS_MK-II Prototype, in the same nook on the right of the path as a Mokoko Seed. It’s a flying guard with a sensor radius around it, which sounds an alarm once you get too close.

Skilled Elite Smuggler

Make your way to the Relay Guard Post Triport. Head east past the Hoverboard Testing Site and keep following the path north. You’ll get to a crossroads of sorts, with the northeast and northwest paths both being dead ends. Take the northwest path to find a Skilled Elite Smuggler – and if you’re lucky, also a DIS_MK-II Prototype you also need for your Adventurer’s Tome.

Riza Falls Monster Locations

Dark Red Claw Scorpion

Enter the Riza Falls area from the Stern portal. You’ll be in a small area that faces northeast towards the Verdantier Observatory. Start moving northeast, keeping to the right side of the area, and you’ll soon be attacked by scorpions – one of which will be the Dark Red Claw Scorpion you need for your Adventurer’s Tome.

Greedy Personal Guard Commander

Your best bet here is to port into Riza Falls via the Whirlpool Observatory Triport. Leave this small area by the metal gangway that leads northeast and fight your way through the area you arrive in, right the way over to its north-eastern corner. From here, follow the southeast path, and then the northeast one out of the next area. At the end of that short path, take a right to a jump point and head across.

You should now be in the small area that houses the portal to Red Sand Desert. There’s a broken path that intermittently heads south-southeast; follow it to where two broken pillars flank the path, which is pretty much in the middle of this area. Here you’ll come across the Greedy Personal Guard Commander in his tank. Be careful, as this is a mini boss usually flanked by a good few friends.

Vicious Mercenary Swordfighter

From the Whirlpool Observatory Triport in Riza Falls, take the path that heads south. Go east at the end of the path into the next small area and leave it across the metal bridge that again heads south. This bridge opens up into a large area, and you’ll find a Vicious Mercenary Swordfighter just to the right of the bridge’s end on the other side.

Totrich Monster Locations

Bolchi Boss

It’s quite a trek to find the Bolchi Boss, no matter where you set out from. Leave Totrich Village east, past the robot dogs by the barrier, and head north through the area beyond. When you get up to the northern tip, you’ll see a pathway heading east. Follow this first east, then south, and finally north up into the Wilderness Area.

Go to the northern part of Wilderness Area and look for the path heading past. Go over the bridge towards Crowbelly Gulch, walking past Priest of Sceptrum Bande. The Bolchi Boss you need spawns just to the left of the west-side of this bridge.

Personal Guard Quartermaster

For the Personal Guard Quartermaster, head east from the Clockwork Square Triport in the middle of Totrich. Go through the gates out of town past the robot dogs and immediately turn right, heading south into the corner. As you hit the corner of this area and turn northeast, you’ll come to a large group of mobs – including the guard you need.

Windbringer Hills Monster Locations

Machine Legionnaire Prototype

Enter Windbringer Hills via the Origins of Stern portal. Walk southeast to the junction and straight across to where some metal steps lead down. Just before the steps, you will find the Machine Legionnaire Prototype with two bio-enhanced soldiers for company. Despite having a chainsaw and a sword, he won’t put up too much of a fight.

Sharptooth Crocodile

Go northwest from the Guard Post Triport in Windbringer Hills. Ignore the first two paths on your right and take the final one, that heads north into the northern corner of the zone. As you enter, keep to the left with the rising sandstone wall next to you. When you get to an ornate stone wall, you’ll also be faced with the Sharptooth Crocodile.

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