Live A Live: How To Get Overpowered Healing Items From The Taiyaki Stand

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The starting area of the Near Future chapter in Live A Live includes a taiyaki stand. If Akira returns to the park later, he can work at the taiyaki stand to earn extra items. Not only is this a great way to get lots of healing items quickly, but Akira can also give his earnings to the kids at the orphanage to receive some starting equipment.

Each of the orphanage's children wants a different snack from the taiyaki stand. By bringing them all their favorite treats, you'll get some equipment that will help in the chapter's early battles and can be upgraded later by Doc Tobei.

How To Play The Taiyaki Stand Minigame

Any time after Akira visits the orphanage for the first time, you can find Kenichi "Lawless" Matsu back at the park where you started. Speak to him at the taiyaki stand, and he'll invite you to help out; from then on, you can stand behind the counter and examine it to sell taiyaki.

Taiyaki is a cake shaped like a fish, commonly sold by street vendors in Japan.

Each time you work the stand, a customer will approach and ask the price. If you charge too much or too little, Lawless won't give you anything, but if you charge a fair price (or a slightly inflated price that the customer still thinks is fair) he will reward you with a healing item. The customers and potential rewards are as follows:

100 Yen
  • Little Boy
  • Old Woman
300 Yen
  • Little Boy
  • Young Woman
Banana Crepe
1,000 Yen
  • Young Woman
  • Man In Suit
Guts & Glory Special
10,000 Yen
  • Man In Suit
  • Old Woman
Misawa Special

The healing items can be refined into more powerful versions by Doc Tobei. The Misawa Special is particularly good to upgrade, as it becomes a No.9 Potion capable of fully healing your entire team.

What To Give The Kids At The Orphanage

Before visiting Doc Tobei at the antique shop, you can give snacks to the kids at the orphanage. Each kid wants a specific treat and will reward you as follows:

KidLocationFavorite SnackRewardEffect
AkiNap room, upper right.TaiyakiMisanga
  • Accessory
  • +4 Special Attack
KazuSandbox in front of entrance.Guts & Glory SpecialBaseball Glove
  • Refine into Bowling Ball, then refine the Bowling Ball into Taeko's Furious Fist.
WatanabeNap room, lower left.Banana CrepeCap
  • Headgear
  • +7 Defense
YukiNap room, upper left.Misawa SpecialPower Wristguard
  • Off-hand
  • +2 Defense
  • +4 Physical Attack

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