Lisia And Mega Altaria Sync Pair Scout Announced For Pokemon Masters EX, Starts This Week

From the official Japanese Pokemon Masters EX Twitter account comes news that Lisia is about to arrive. Lisia’s Pickup Buddy Search is set to begin on Friday, October 30, starting at 3 PM Japan time, which is 2 AM EST.

So you can pull an all-nighter to be the first to get her in North America, or you can sleep in.

Along with Lisia comes her signature Pokemon, Altaria, which she’s creatively named Ali. Lisia can Mega Evolve her Altaria giving her access to extremely powerful moves, as evident by her 6-star EX cap.

For those who might not remember, Lisia was the Pokemon Contest Coordinator and scout from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. After scouting the player in a crowd, she tells them that they’re her 100th person scouted to become a Pokemon idol, and as a successful idol herself, she definitely knows what to look for.

Lisia has already appeared twice before in Pokemon Masters EX, first as part of the Summer Superstars event in August and later during the Family Ties event in September. With most of the heavy-lifting done creating her model for the game, it seems only natural to then make her and Altaria into a Sync Pair.

As for their two moves, Lisia and Altaria come with Miracle and their signature move, “Idol Meteor Shower.” Which appears to be the same as regular Meteor Shower, only with a little more flair.

In other Pokemon news, Cloud Tundra has recently arrived and players are discovering that you can capture Pokemon at a much higher level than you normally should be able to thanks to a glitch. For whatever reason, Crown Tundra Pokemon don’t scale to the player’s level and instead are all between 65 and 70 or so. Pokemon you capture still listen regardless of how many Gyms you’ve defeated, so you can theoretically start a brand new game with a level 70 Pokemon.

Speedrunners are likely eyeing this glitch now that Crown Tundra has arrived as a potential leg-up on the competition.

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