Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – obscure characters & how to unlock them

Only the most diehard of Star Wars fans will recognise some of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker’s Saga more peculiar playable characters.

Traveller’s Tales’ Lego games have always featured gigantic rosters of playable characters and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is no different. With it covering all nine mainline films, it naturally features loads of iconic and fan-favourite faces.

With how big the roster is, however, not every character is a household name. In fact, many of them are so obscure that even casual fans would question who they are upon unlocking them.

From surprising cameos from outside the movies to minor background characters, we’ve put together a list of the most obscure and least recognisable Star Wars characters you can play as in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.


Did you forget Yoda had a female counterpart? The movies certainly did because, outside of a brief appearance in The Phantom Menace, Yaddle never showed up again, probably because the idea of ‘Yoda but a girl’ was a bit silly.

This being Star Wars, however, other media ensured she wouldn’t be a compelte one-off. She’s made appearances in books and comics, although whether or not she survived the Jedi purge is unknown.

If you think she’s an underrated character and want to unlock her as soon as possible, you can do so by completing the Tuskens and Dragons side mission in the Jedi temple lobby on Coruscant.

Kaydel Connix

You likely already know that Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, made appearances in the newer Star Wars movies, but how many of you can honestly say what her character’s name is without looking it up?

Honestly, the actor who plays her is the most interesting thing about Kaydel Connix as she plays an incredibly minor role in the sequel trilogy and doesn’t appear to have done much else, even in expanded media. Although we’re sure she’ll have her own Disney+ show in a couple of years.

To unlock her, you must complete the Resistance Riddles side mission in the Resistance base on D’Qar. You’ll receive two costumes for her as well, one from The Force Awakens and the other from The Rise Of Skywalker.

Sidon Ithano

Remember that bit in The Force Awakens when Finn tries to ditch Rey and friends and join up with another crew? Maybe, but do you remember the characters he spoke with? Well, one of them, Sidon Ithano, is in The Skywalker Saga.

A red clad pirate, Ithano actually made his first appearance in a 2015 short story called The Crimson Corsair And The Lost Treasure of Count Dooku. Apparently, he also showed up towards the end of The Rise Of Skywalker to help the Resistance in the battle on Exegol and even appeared in an episode of the Star Wars: Resistance cartoon.

In other words Lucasfilm have been trying to make him a thing for a long time, even though no one seems to be biting. Regardless, you can unlock him by completing the Dodginess Manifest side mission in Tuanal Village on Jakku. His ship, the Meson Martinet, is unlockable too but you need to clear the Commandeering the Command Room side mission at the Resistance base for that.


Do you know who was the very first character shown for The Force Awakens? It wasn’t Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, or even Captain Phasma. No, that honour went to Bobbajo, who sadly isn’t a failed Boba Fett clone but a humble vendor who most people probably didn’t even know had a name.

To be honest, him being the first new character revealed for the movie is the most noteworthy thing about him. Outside of an appearance in The Force Awakens itself, and a few comic books, he’s done so little that his inclusion in Lego Star Wars is clearly just a nod to his one claim to fame.

If you want to unlock him, try clearing the Scurrier Courier side mission in Niima Outpost, which is appropriately enough on Jakku, his home planet.


Yes, the slug from that Live Slug Reaction meme is a playable character, although Traveller’s Tales obviously planned to include him long before the meme took off. He also has a surprisingly mundane, normal sounding name.

Honestly, most fans will recognise Klaud from the meme rather than his actual movie appearance. Debuting in The Rise Of Skywalker, he serves as a mechanic for the Resistance and has yet to appear anywhere else. It seems he was originally supposed to have a large role in the movie though as for some reason he’s on the poster, even though he’s barely in the film.

To unlock him, head to the Resistance camp on Ajan Kloss and complete the Lightning in a Bottle side mission.

Mama the Hutt

Possibly one of the deeper cuts as not only did this character only feature in The Clone Wars CGI series, but she was also only in one episode and wasn’t even the main focus.

She’s Jabba’s grandmother and mother of Ziro the Hutt, who had a much bigger role in the series. The developers must just have wanted a female Hutt though as she’s also the only character in the game that appeared exclusively in The Clone Wars (Ahsoka is in the DLC but based on her appearance in The Mandalorian).

To unlock her, you’ll want to complete the Silencing Snootles side mission in Canto Bight on Cantonica. Fans of The Clone Wars will recognise Snootles as also having a key role in Mama’s episode. She’s one of the singers at Jabba’s palace, in Return Of The Jedi because everything has to be connected, apparently.

Mister Bones

Often referred to as just Bones, this character only ever appeared in a series of Star Wars books called the Aftermath trilogy. Although, unlike most of the other characters on this list, Bones is actually rather interesting.

You know those goofy Separatist droids from the prequel movies? Bones is one of them painted red but competent and sporting a murderous personality. Weirdly enough, he was on the side of good, aiding the New Republic in hunting down war criminals.

He can be unlocked by completing the Scramble Run: Exegol side mission, which you can find in Exegol space. Or if you want him immediately, use the cheat code BAC1CKP in the main menu.

Tion Medon

Tion Medon doesn’t have much importance to the Star Wars saga but his make-up was pretty cool (hiding Australian actor Bruce Spence, who you might recognise from Mad Max and under the even heavier make-up of the Mouth of Sauron).

In Star Wars his only real appearance was in Revenge Of The Sith, where he was held hostage by General Grievous and requested help from Obi-Wan Kenobi. Later, once the Jedi were wiped out and the Empire came into power, he was arrested and, so far, hasn’t reappeared since. Frankly, we don’t think he ever will.

You can find him on his home planet of Utapau in Pau City, where he gives you the Varactyl Fracas side mission. Complete it and you’ll unlock him.

Willrow Hood

The most minor of minor background characters, Willrow Hood wouldn’t even have a name, let alone be a playable character if it weren’t for a joke among fans getting too big.

This character was nothing more than an extra in The Empire Strikes Back, but fans latched onto him for running through Cloud City while holding what looked like an ice cream maker. They would even get together dressed as him and run around convention centres carrying ice cream makers (which was retconned as the portable safe with all the beskar in it, in The Mandalorian)

This is clearly the reason he was included in the game, with his side mission, I Spy Cream, directly referencing it. You can find him on Cloud City, but don’t expect him to be much use in a fight.

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