Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Makes Finn Poe Ship A Reality

FinnPoe, Star Husbands, whatever you want to call them, is a ship between Finn and, as you can probably guess, Poe. Fans wanted the two to express their homoerotic love for one another film in and film out, but Disney never delivered. Thankfully, TT Games has.

Right on the cover – on the main menu of the game – Finn and Poe get a little close, snuggling under the heat of Yoda's green lightsaber. It's not exactly a fireplace, but it's as romantic as you can get when you're crammed onto a rock with every other major character.

Over the years, there's been a lot of fuel to the gay fire that is FinnPoe. It started with Poe giving Finn his jacket, like a lover stealing hoodies, all while Oscar Isaac was egging on the ship, supporting it publicly. But it sadly never happened as the two became nothing but co-general bros – the ship sailed as the saga ended.

Disney's Star Wars has a pretty spotty track record with LGBTQ+ and Black representation. A short kiss between two extras blipped on-screen and that was it. You might've blinked and missed it. But Finn as a whole was poorly handled. His role was significantly reduced while he was made less significant on the posters in certain countries.

Many believed he was being set up as a stormtrooper turned Jedi, an interesting arc that hasn't been done before in Star Wars history. We've had three sand-planet dwellers turned Jedi, so it felt like a breath of fresh air. He even held a lightsaber and went toe-to-toe with Kylo Ren. However, that opportunity was shirked as his Jedi foreshadowing never went anywhere, while his role continued to shrink.

But he gets time to shine in the Lego game as TT Games have opted to embrace the ship. We saw more of Finn in Force Awakens too with a whole segment dedicated to him cutting down troopers with a lightsaber at Maz's Castle. If anything, TT Games is giving Finn a bigger role – maybe one day the films will too, eh?

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