LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Minikits In Every Episode 5 Level

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The Empire Strikes Back is the legendary sequel to the first film in the original series. Now you have a chance to relive this thrilling episode in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Of course, with every episode comes another wide assortment of Minikit pieces, and The Empire Strikes Back doesn't disappoint.

From the Minikit pieces hidden among asteroids, to pieces scattered around the majestic Sky City, you will be collecting these Minikits in a wide variety of classic Star Wars locations. And with this guide, you will have no fear of missing out on any of these elusive collectibles.

Hoth And Cold

Throughout the level, you will locate snowmen. Once you have destroyed all five, you will be rewarded with the “Snow Friends of Mine” Minikit piece. One of the snowmen is on the path to the laser turret you need to clear the bridge of ice, another is sitting outside the fortress, and the other three snowmen are located next to the satellite towers.

Inside the fortress, shoot the droid carrying the power core. However, instead of using it on the nearby tower, use it on the nearby crate. This will get you the “Repurpose and Reuse” Minikit piece. During your exploration of Hoth, you will find a broken-down Snowspeeder. Get it up and running and you will be able to fire its lasers. You will need to use this to clear a nearby bridge of ice, but if you shoot the nearby mound of ice you will also find the “Meltdown” Minikit piece.

There are a series of satellite dishes. One of them will shoot a laser. Just arrange them so that the laser blast will hit the nearby mound of ice, revealing the “Chain Reaction” Minikit piece. Finally, after you have aligned all the satellite towers, you go to the next checkpoint marker. In that area, there is a droid carrying the last piece. Shoot it and it will drop the “Up To Snow Good” Minikit piece.

Assault On Echo Base

Both the “Snowed Under” and the “Snow Problem” Minikit pieces are hidden under little snow bridges. The first is to your right in the first area, and the second is in the Northeast corner of the second area.

The “Did Somebody Order Ice?” and “Let It Go” Minikit are under blocks of ice. One of them is to the right in the first area, and the other is on the right leaving the path that leads into the final area (where you fight the AT-ATs).

Lastly, the “Probe-ation” Minikit is obtained by shooting six of the droids rolling around. They are everywhere, so it won’t be hard to get six of ‘em. And that is it.

Never Tell Me The Odds

For starters, you will start the mission facing a Star Destroyer. The “They Can’t Have Disappeared” Minikit piece is right at the top of that Star Destroyer. Fly up and claim it.

The Minikits found in the asteroid section are dead easy to find if you have the collectible detector skill leveled up. It may be a bit of a nightmare trying to find them without it.

After that, there are no more Minikit pieces until you hit the asteroid field. Here, the “Rock Steady” Minikit piece is claimed by shooting five Minikit-shaped asteroids. The “Avoid the Asteroid” Minikit will be a cluster of asteroids in the dead center of the screen. Finally, you will encounter the “Exogorth Leftovers” Minikit wedged between a large rock and the wall once you get to the surface of the giant asteroid.

There is one more Minikit, but this one requires that you repeat the mission in the free-play mode. This mission is a race. The race will become available in the second part of the Star Destroyer battle (when the third ship arrives). You simply need to hit all the translucent green orbs in order. The path is pretty straightforward, but there is a trick: you have very little time.

So, right from the beginning, you are going to need to punch it. That means tapping the acceleration button twice and holding it. You shouldn’t need to let go of it. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, the mission will allow you to instantly restart after you complete it. After a few attempts, you will learn the pattern, earn the gold ranking, and get your “Imperial Space Race” Minikit piece.

Hibernation Station

Use C-3PO to get the password from the terminal in the first area, then input the password outside the dining-room door. This will unlock the dining room and give you access to the “Password Puzzle for Peckish People” Minikit piece.

Not far away from the beginning area, there is a small Stormtrooper blockade (their backs will be facing away from you once you arrive here). Take these guards out and there is another protocol droid console on your right. Use C-3PO again to interact with this terminal and you will take control of the droid inside the furnace room. Have this droid open the door and then come outside to meet C-3PO. Now, enter the furnace room, kickstart the furnace, and the “Infernal Furnace” Minikit will pop out.

When you see a couple of Stormtroopers sitting outside on a platform, interact with the rebel terminal next to them. Once you turn this on, you will be able to push their platform forward (by pushing the nearby block) and eject them from it. This will then provide you with the “Sightseeing Stormtrooper” Minikit piece.

Once you take out the Imperial captain to claim the key card, use Lando’s grappling hook to grab the bar above the elevator with the malfunctioning door. Holding onto this bar will pull it down and fix the door, allowing you to access the “Lofty Lift Lever” Minikit piece from inside the elevator.

Now, return to the mission in the free-play mode. Use an astromech droid to open the door at the very beginning of the stage. From there, destroy the object, revealing a power core. Insert the core in the open slot. This will grant you the “Small Systems Secret” Minikit piece.


Since the story mission requires you to complete it in a relatively short amount of time, you are better off obtaining the Minikit pieces in the free-play mode. Considering that two of the Minikit pieces are only able to be obtained in free-play, that works out anyway.

The first Minikit piece is found after you defeat Vader’s first form. Pull the switch near the Ugnaughts and you will reveal the “Carbon Copy” Minikit piece. Now, go down one of the tunnels; it doesn’t matter which. From the opposite side, you can enter the center tunnel. Have a character with a grappling hook (R2-D2 in the story mode) pull the grapple point that is on the ceiling and you will obtain the “Hatching a Plan” Minikit piece.

In the very next area, you will enter a dark room; instead of looking for Darth Vader, switch to a protocol droid. Have them interact with the nearby terminal and they will pull up the “Tabletop Games” Minikit piece. After Darth Vader blows you out the window, you will drop close to a hero-class character terminal. Have a hero character interact with it and reveal the “In Case of Emergency” Minikit piece.

Lastly, after you have made your way back around, the room on your right is a giant closet for Lando Calrissian. He has a self-portrait in the center of the room. Destroy the portrait and you will reveal the “Vanity Room” Minikit piece.

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