Lego Nintendo is coming soon and suddenly all is right with the world

Nintendo and Lego are teaming up for something Super Mario related and while it’s all currently a secret we’re already super excited.

The coronavirus, the rise of fascism, global warming, the Star Wars sequels… we live in turbulent times at the moment, but here’s some news to balance out all the bleakness: Lego and Nintendo are teaming up for some real-life Lego sets.

It’s only a tease on Instagram at the moment, but Lego seems to have the licence for Super Mario and that looks like some sort of minifigure or set with… a screen built in? We’re not sure to be honest.

This is all we’ve got to go on at the moment though, so we’ve still yet to find out what the sets will be like and if they’re based on the games or, maybe, the promised animated movie from the makers of Minions, which apparently is still happening.

It’s also going to be interesting to see if Lego has the licence for any other Nintendo properties. There’s actually a Zelda: Breath Of The Wild fan-made project currently up for review on the Lego Ideas website and while they didn’t have the licence before it’s now possible it could get the go ahead.

Lego Ideas are fan-made projects which you can vote on and if they get enough interest then Lego consider making them into commercially sold sets, and they’ve picked plenty of licensed properties before – from Doctor Who to The Flintstones.

Nintendo and Lego have never had much directly to do with each other before, the one exception being the original version of Lego City Undercover, which started out as a Wii U exclusive.

It was a sort of family friendly GTA clone played for laughs, but it did feature a number of minor Nintendo cameos – which may be the sort of thing that will now be made for real.

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