Leaks Suggest That Apex Legends Could Be Getting A Dragon Light LMG

It looks like Apex Legends will soon be introducing a new LMG called Dragon. This will be the fourth LMG to make its way to Respawn’s battle royale.

This information came via prominent leaker, Bias12, who earlier tweeted that Respawn is currently working on an EPG and a compound bow along with the Dragon LMG. He also tweeted an image of it, according to which the LMG looks lighter and more compact than the ones already in the game.

The unique thing about the Dragon is that despite being an LMG, it uses Light Ammo. As video game logic has taught us, this could suggest that the Dragon may do lesser damage, but might have a faster firing rate and be easier to control than the other LMG’s in the game.

Light Ammo is used by assault rifles, SMG’s and pistols in the Apex Legends, suggesting that the Dragon might be a hybrid, offering the rate of fire and accuracy of an assault rifle, along with the mag size and stopping power of an LMG. However, that’s purely speculation based on what little information we have; we’ll have no idea about its recoil, accuracy or control until it actually releases. Maybe we’ll see it in the upcoming season nine of the game.

Among the additions and changes coming to Apex Legends in season nine, is a rework of Lifeline’s abilities. Respawn’s Live Balance Designer, John Larson, confirmed that the devs will be completely removing Lifeline’s shield wall which pops up when she’s in the process of reviving a downed teammate. However, the tactical healing speed of her drone will be increased by 60 percent and her Care Package Ult will provide guaranteed upgrades compared to what the squad already has on them.

The game will kick off a limited time event called War Games tomorrow. This event will feature five rotating game modes, each of which will be the regular battle royale with certain modifiers added to them. For instance, The Killing Time mode will see the round timer reduce with every death on the map. This means that the ring will shrink much quicker than what you’re used to.

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