Leaker Claims Final Fantasy 16 Is Launching On June 22 In Twitter Poem

Final Fantasy 16 news feels like it has been ramping up despite nothing official about its release date being revealed just yet. However, what appears to be a leak in the form of a riddle may have revealed when exactly during the summer window it has been given the game will arrive.

Reported by Insider Gaming, a leaker called The Snitch shared what looks like a pretty innocuous poem at first glance. However, the poem obviously means something, and it could well point to the exact day on which Final Fantasy 16 will launch. The date pulled from the poem is June 22, 2023, and here's how Final Fantasy fans have arrived at that conclusion.

There's actually no mention of Final Fantasy 16 in the poem at all. It's talk of a crystal, something found in all Final Fantasy games, that has people convinced the poem is revealing something about the next game in the series. “Twenty-two grains of sand” has been deciphered as the day of the month the game will launch, and “six nations divided” is believed to be the month. Hence June 22, 2023.

That date lines up for a number of reasons. First of all, Square Enix has already confirmed Final Fantasy 16 will launch during the summer of 2023. It was also revealed during a PS5 ad that the new game will be exclusive to PlayStation's newest console for at least six months. While that date may change, launching the game in June means it can then be rolled out on other platforms in time for the holidays. Then again, launching it on June 22 won't exactly leave much time for it to sell as a Christmas gift if it gets a PC port six months later.

Final Fantasy 16 was rated in Brazil this week. Games getting rated usually means new information, and most notably a firm release date is right around the corner. There have also been reports that pre-orders will go live next week, potentially coupled with a new trailer at The Game Awards on December 8.

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