League of Legends: Wild Rift – Everything You Need To Know About The Yordle Expedition

How can a beta game like League of Legends: Wild Rift that hasn’t been released yet have an expansion event already? It’s a fair question, especially since it makes people feel like they are missing out on limited-time events just because they live in a region that is forbidden from downloading the game at all.

But knowing about this 2.0 patch, the Yordle Expedition, will benefit players who haven’t been able to play the game just as much as those who are currently enjoying it. The odds are good that this trial event will be laying the groundwork for how all such events will happen in the future. The Yordle Expedition, therefore, will probably be around again sooner rather than later after the actual game officially releases.

Initial Dates

  • January 9th through January 29th

With the event likely to happen again, perhaps even immediately after the release of the game, this might seem like arbitrary information. But it does provide a timetable of what the Yordle event will look like in the future. If it releases next January officially, players can probably guess the exact deadlines with reasonable accuracy.

For players with access to the game currently, pay attention to that final date and make sure you’ve got your unlocks done in time!


  • Uncover unexplored regions of Runeterra

Veterans of the PC game might think they’ve been everywhere in Runeterra, but Wild Rift is offering another region entirely. It turns out the Yordles are adventurous spirits and some of the gaming community’s favorite characters are in trouble after a failed expedition.

As a player, you’ll be rescuing the Yordles who have been caught and lost, but also exploring more of the League of Legends world. In-game benefits have been inextricably linked to lore revelations with this mechanic.

Daily Tasks

  • Three new missions every day

Each mission gives you more Steps and Blue Motes. So if you’re vigilant, you’ll be racking up in-game currency rapidly. These missions refresh every day, so, by the end of the event, you’ll be rolling in dough to customize and unlock future characters.

They’re generally pretty easy to accomplish and are mostly tied to using abilities, killing players, and other standard behaviors that come with simply playing the game.

Regional Goals

  • One mission for each area

Each region is tied to a mission that you’ll be on the hook for accomplishing. However, it should be known that the entire server will be responsible for unlocking these regions. It’s a solo effort to do your mission, but a group effort to uncover these missions.

Also, you can only do one regional goal at a time, so make sure to have the proper location selected before entering a match, otherwise, you’ll be fruitlessly trying to check off an uncheckable box.

Temporary Currency And Rewards

  • Steps are both individual and global currency

Steps are the temporary currency during the Yordle Expedition event. The currency functions exactly as it sounds; you can walk a little bit further and uncover more champions, emotes, and cosmetics as you progress with each “Step.”

You’ll be able to covert this temporary currency into permanent rewards with whatever you uncover. Your Steps won’t persist, but the items you buy will be usable after the Yordle Expedition event has ended.

Unlock: Lulu

  • Find her in Freljord

Lulu fans can rejoice as she has not only been added to the game, but her move set appears to have remained intact. She’s been deemed the protagonist of the trailer, so you can be sure that the team has given her some extra special attention.

She’s the very first champion you’ll be able to unlock and she will be available in the shop to anyone who has trudged through the region of Demacia.

Unlock: Kennen

  • Find him in Ionia

Kennen, from the artwork in Wild Rift, appears to be the same shadow warrior imbued with magical traits. It’s hard to imagine him getting caught, but thankfully he won’t be caged for too long if you’re an active player.

He’s also trapped in Runterra, but can be saved by purchasing him from the shop after the events in Noxus have been knocked out.

Unlock: Tristana

  • Find her in Bilgewater

Tristana is showing up on the scene and she’s carrying the same gun from the game. It’s a big cannon for a little Yordle and your enemies will surely be feeling the effect when they run into you on the battlefield.

She’ll be in the shop right after Kennen is. When events progress past Ionia, you’ll see her chipper face ready to join your champion selection.

Unlock: Corki

  • Find him in Piltover and Zaun

Corki is coming to Wild Rift and he’s bringing his iconic flying machine along with him. His design looks largely the same so it’s safe to say that his abilities that rain down destruction will be making opponents nervous for some time to come.

After your server gets past Ixtal, you’ll see his face in the shop. Well, nobody can see his face, but his mustache and goggles should be visible. You get the idea.

Unlock: Teemo

  • Find him in Targon

Fans of Teemo are fervent and Riot Games had to know that leaving him out of the initial lineup was going to be met with resistance. If this is you, then hurry and help your server, because it’ll take some work to unlock him.

Targon is the very last location to explore in the Yordle Expedition, at which point you’ll find this adorable-yet-deadly champion up for sale in the shop.

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