League of Legends: 10 Champions With The Most Skins

When League of Legends was first released, skins were relatively disappointing. Most early skins were simple color swaps, while new ones have fresh particle effects and genre-defying themes that give the game a ton of personality, making your cosmetic purchases far more worthwhile.

Some champions have been luckier than others in terms of skins, receiving a ridiculous amount more options than many other characters from throughout the game’s history. Most of these come down to a character’s popularity, but there are absolutely some surprises and unexpectedly large wardrobes for certain champions.

10 Teemo – 12 Skins

It’s probably no surprise that the beloved Teemo is on this list, but it might be odd to some players just how low he is. 12 skins is certainly nothing to scoff at, but this iconic character is incredibly adorable, meaning he can fit into almost any theme with total ease.

Nonetheless, humanoid characters seem to get more attention, and Teemo’s skin count is likely more due to his length of time as a character in the game. He’s not the only classic champion on this list, but definitely one who deserves more love.

9 Riven – 12 Skins

In contrast with Teemo, Riven has gotten an alarming amount more skins than most champions despite a far more recent release date. She boasts an equally impressive 12 skins that are spread out through normal purchases, limited annual event skins, rare loot chest skins, and even one Prestige Skin.

This likely means that most older Riven players will obtain more skins over time, as there have been multiple options that are much harder to get over time. Thanks to her recent release, most of her skins also have far more elaborate special effects than Teemo, which gives a great amount of value to any of her choices.

8 Ahri – 13 Skins

Ahri skins are infamous among certain players, with some players collecting all they can and others feeling exhausted from all the love for Ahri. This relatively new character has quickly become a face of the game, showing up in all sorts of animations and trailers as an iconic character of the series.

Because of this, it makes total sense that she’d have so many skins, but she’s definitely one of the newest releases to have such a high number. That said, if you’re a huge Ahri fan, you likely have plenty of ways to dress her up however you think she’s most powerful.

7 Lee Sin – 13 Skins

Lee Sin’s story is much more similar to Teemo, being a much older champion that’s mostly received skins out of age than popularity. He’s always been playable in the metagame but definitely has never been as visible or promoted by Riot as many of the game’s female and anthropomorphic characters.

Interestingly, Lee Sin’s skins have actually expanded much more in recent years with very few being simple color swaps. Instead, new options have many more new outfits and effects. Skins for him are absolutely worth the cost compared to most other characters, and give the blind master a surprising amount of variety.

6 Katarina – 13 Skins

Katarina is another member of the 13 club, but interestingly you can get most of her skins fairly easily. She doesn’t have any skins that are considered rare or have been retired from the shop. All of them are purchasable during the full year or certain holiday events.

She doesn’t beat out Ahri in terms of availability, though, as five of Katarina’s skins are event exclusive while Ahri only has two that aren’t available during most times. If there was any proof over Ahri’s preferential treatment, these comparisons are definitely it.

5 Garen & Annie – 13 Skins (Each)

These two characters are worth lumping together as they’re essentially similar to Teemo by being extremely old characters with a large variety of skins over their time. Some are much simpler clothing changes, but recent years have seen new skins get much higher quality animations, with both characters receiving a refreshing selection of options.

Annie’s skins are much less common during most of the year, with six being event skins while another two are quite rare to find, and even a special 10th Anniversary skin that could briefly be obtained for free during 2020 before becoming permanently retired. Garen, meanwhile, has only four skins that aren’t easily purchasable, making this inexpensive champion much easier to customize however you prefer.

4 Miss Fortune – 14 Skins

You wouldn’t think that a gun-wielding pirate could have that many options, but Miss Fortune has one of the widest varieties of skins that started quite early. She has all sorts of skins that don’t have additional special effects, but 2018 and 2019 treated her with a swath of extra skins that range from Arcade styles to the gorgeous and transformative Gun Goddess Ultimate Skin.

Her most recent addition was over 500 days ago in the form of Coven Miss Fortune, which also brought along a Prestige Edition that added golden clothes and effects. Both of these are definitely some of the most gorgeous, but many are surely curious what more could come with this character.

3 Lux – 14 Skins

Lux is quite similar to Ahri in terms of player frustration, as this older female character has an equally wide selection that started quite a long time ago. She wasn’t as much the face of the game before Ahri’s debut, but her magical girl style made her a great fit for many players who appreciated this type of design.

Her most recent skin came out quite recently in April 2021, with Space Groove Lux being a part of the current in-game event. She also likely has some of the most varied skins of any character, with all sorts of multi-skins like Cosmic & Dark Cosmic options and even Star & Pyjama Guardian variants.

2 Alistar – 14 Skins

Alistar is another extremely old champion, and much of his inclusion on this list is due to some retired skins that were generally considered wastes of money. He has all sorts of skins that simply swap his colors but also has only five available in the shop and six available through special events.

Even rarer is his Hextech skin, available through grinding loot boxes for Masterwork Gems, and a rare Unchained Alistar skin that was released in 2011 that was given out for subscribing to League of Legends on YouTube. These are both signs of truly dedicated League players, particularly since Alistar hasn’t generally been the most powerful support champion over the years.

1 Ezreal – 15 Skins

With a full additional skin over every other member of this list, Ezreal manages to have the most skins in League of Legends with a total of 15. One of these is a Prestige skin and two are in the Legacy Vault, but the others are still available and none have ever been discontinued.

This is mostly because Ezreal has been a huge addition throughout the history of pro play, being one of the best champions at higher-level ranks. This is why he’s only one of a few champions with multiple World Championship skins, and with his fast teleporting and damage output he’s unlikely to disappear into obscurity any time soon.

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