Latest Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter Showcases Newfound Adventure Story Content For Patch 6.1

The latest Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter has detailed everything coming in Patch 6.1, A Newfound Adventure.

The live letter began by revealing the name of the patch, A Newfound Adventure, as well as showing off the key art for it. After that, it continued by showing new screenshots of the main scenario quests and new sidequests.

The first shows the protagonist with Tataru, while teasing "What does Tataru have to say?". Another screenshot shows that Hildibrand Manderville will be returning in the new patch. The Live Letter also showcased a new look at an upcoming alliance raid, Myths of the Realm, and a new Ultimate Duty, Dragonsong's Reprise.

The Live Letter continued, revealing that a new small scale 5v5 PvP​​​​​​​ called Crystalline Conflict, which will also introduce a new PvP reward system. Alongside that, the patch will also introduce the Unending Codex, which will act as a glossary of terms and characters that will be unlocked in the main scenario for A Newfound Adventure. It won't be fully up to date in this patch but will likely be updated over time.

Another feature that'll be changed in the latest patch is the renaming of the Trust system. This will now be called the Duty Support System when participating in main scenario quests. Trust will now refer solely to the avatar levelling system from now on. The data center travel system was also detailed further and will arrive in Patch 6.18.

Speaking of data centers, the Japanese data center is planned for expansion around July 2022 and will come after data center travel becomes a thing. This means that Patch 6.18 will likely land before July 2022. One feature that wasn't discussed in the Twitter breakdown but shown on screen is that Square Enix is doubling up on the Glamour and adding five more Glamour Plates, meaning you can store more gear to use for Glamour and create five more Glamour outfits.

The full list of changes and additions within the patch can be found here.

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