Komprise now automates unstructured data discovery and migration

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California-headquartered Komprise, a company that handles unstructured data for enterprises, today announced new capabilities to automate the process of discovering and tagging file and object data across cloud, edge and on-premises data centers and delivering it to data lake, AI and analytics platforms.

Enterprises around the world are witnessing a surge in unstructured data. From audio/video files to logs, text and sensor data, the volume is just increasing and is expected to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes, or 175 billion terabytes, by 2025. Experts predict about 80% of the world’s data will be unstructured by this time. 

This data is (and will be) critical to AI and ML applications across a range of areas, but the problem is discovering and mobilizing it. Most unstructured data remains locked away in silos, creating a blind spot and missed opportunities. Organizations typically have to deploy an IT team to take the manual steps of discovering where the unstructured datasets are located, categorizing them and then feeding them into AI/analytics tools or secondary storage.

Komprise Smart Data Workflows to the rescue

To solve this problem, Komprise has come up with Smart Data Workflows that bring together new and existing capabilities of its Intelligent Data Management platform, allowing automated handling of unstructured datasets.

“IT users can now create automated workflows for all the steps required to find the right data across your storage assets, tag and enrich the data, and send it to external tools for analysis. The Komprise Global File Index and Smart Data Workflows together reduce the time it takes to move the right unstructured data by up to 80%,” Krishna Subramanian, co-founder, president and COO of Komprise, told Venturebeat.

At the core of the workflows is the Deep Analytics Actions component of the Intelligent Data Management platform. It was announced last year in October to find and index relevant unstructured data and has now been enhanced with copy and confine operations, expanded global tagging and search and the ability to execute external functions such as running NLP functions via API. One can define and execute a search and mobilization process using these elements in any sequence.

While there are other vendors that do offer services for unstructured data discovery and migration, including BigID, Komprise claims to be unique in its way of functioning.

“We don’t sit in front of the hot data and create a new bottleneck. We provide transparent access to data without requiring stubs or agents. And with Komprise, data is always delivered in native format. We call it AI-ready data. No vendor lock-in. So while there are other ways to migrate and tier unstructured data in the enterprise, there is not a software service like Komprise that provides the analytics you need to first see what data you have across silos, move the right data to the right location, tool, users or applications and now with Smart Data Workflows, automate the process of data discovery and data delivery,” Subramanian noted.

Smart Data Workflows are available starting today with the latest release, version 4.5, of Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform.

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