Kingdom Hearts Fans Have Solved Nomura’s Riddle To Figure Out Who Is Narrating The Latest Trailer

Following teases from Nomura that no one had figured out a riddle he'd left at the 20th-anniversary event, Kingdom Hearts fans have figured out who is narrating the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer.

The first trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 featured a mysterious character delivering a monologue about being able to leave the world for "endless" options. Although many thought it was Young Xehanort, Nomura teased that no one had actually figured it out yet, that it was a character that we'd known for some time but hadn't been voiced before, and that a riddle he left at the 20th-anniversary event would reveal the answer.

Fans took that advice and ran with it, and have now figured out the riddle and discovered that the character narrating the trailer is actually Sigurd from Kingdom Hearts Union X. Sigurd is a hooded inhabitant of Scala Ad Caelum who meets Brain when he's set into the future. Nomura's comment on how fans have known the character for some time was likely a cheeky reference to Sigurd being far from the past. It also seems to signify that Missing Link will play a big role in the story, as that seems to take place in the same timeframe.

How did the community figure it out? Well, Nomura's special message at the event had an "x" placed in the middle of it, which many assumed to be a reference to Scala Ad Caelum's alphabet, as "x" means four. Although that was probably the intention considering Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced hours later, it was actually a hint at how to solve the riddle.

As translated by KH13, this is how the riddle was solved, "After the X, you'll see the number 20. 20 in Japanese is read as "ni juu". If we separate "ni" from "juu", we get the numbers 2 and 10. If you notice, the first axis of the X starts on the 2nd hiragana and ends on the 10th hiragana. If we draw the line in a diagonal position from the 2nd to the 10, you will get the first half of the message "koe no shoutai wa".

It continues, "Next, we take this line, copy it, and then spin it until it becomes our X's Y-axis, revealing the next half of the message, which is "shigurudo you chuui". The message translates as, "The voice's identity is Sigurd. Pay close attention".

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