Kingdom Hearts 3: What Choices To Make At The Beginning

Every mainline game in the Kingdom Hearts series starts with a somewhat similar tutorial section. You are shown the ropes in a beautiful stained glass location, given a few easy mobs to swing your keyblade on, and then you get into the game.

You’re also given a series of questions that will determine Sora’s stats, abilities, and one other related to extras that was introduced in the Re:Mind DLC. If Kingdom Hearts 3 is your first experience with the series, or you just want to know the details of what these choices really mean, we’ll show you what choices to make at the beginning.

What Choices To Make At The Beginning Of Kingdom Hearts 3

As mentioned, you are going to be given either two or three choices during the tutorial section of Kingdom Hearts 3. If you have purchased the Re:Mind DLC, a third choice will come up, but the first two are still the most important for how Sora’s stats will turn out.

Wisdom, Vitality, or Balance

Your first choice is phrased somewhat cryptically, asking what you desire most, but is thankfully not all that obscure when you review the answers you have to pick from. Your choices are Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance. You can probably intuit which one will boost which stats, but here’s the technical breakdown:

  • Wisdom: Choosing this will make Sora’s starting magic higher, resulting in 90 HP and 120 MP.
  • Vitality: This is the opposite of Wisdom, granting 120 HP, but slightly higher MP at 100.
  • Balance: Not quite as equal as the name suggests, you will end up with 105 HP and 110 MP.

Because of how powerful magic is in Kingdom Hearts 3, Wisdom is the best choice if you know how to maximize magic in battle. If you’re more of a melee-type player who only casts the occasional cure, Vitality will do you just fine.

Guardian, Warrior, or Mystic

Your next choice determines what abilities Sora will learn as you level up and progress through the game. This is the most subjective question to answer because they are all suited to different playstyles you can have. You will also probably want to choose one that complements the first choice you made for maximum benefit. Here’s how they break down:

  • Mystic: You will learn abilities that decrease magic consumption.
  • Warrior: Increases your ground combo string by one hit.
  • Guardian: Buffs your defense stat when your HP is low.

These aren’t as impactful on your entire run as the first choice, but pick whichever one will complement your ideal build as a caster, dps, or tank type character respectively.

Usual, Easy, or Challenging Adventure

With the Re:Mind DLC, a new feature called the Premium Menu was added that allows you to modify the difficulty of the game beyond just the usual modes like normal, proud, and critical. They can be used to up the challenge, as well as lower it. Here’s what each choice means:

  • Usual Adventure: This is basically removing the Premium Menu and playing the game as if it were the base version of Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • Easy Adventure: The Premium Menu is available with options you can turn on to lower the difficulty in different ways.
  • Challenging Adventure: This choice unlocks the Premium Menu options that can make the game way, way harder. Obviously, this is recommended for veteran players going through the game for a second or third time.

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