Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Loads In Just Two Seconds On PS5

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the new indie game from Ember Lab that plans to showcase what Sony can do for the indie scene on next-gen hardware. The game will release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year (as well as the Epic Games Store, but that’s not really relevant to what we’re going to discuss today) and it will feature a free upgrade to the PS5 version if you get it on the PS4 first.

We got our first look at the PS5 games showcase in June, and it looks absolutely adorable. Those little tribble-like creatures are just too cute for words! And the game looks pretty good overall on the PlayStation 5.

It also loads lightning fast, according to Ember Lab’s chief operating officer Josh Grier. The game takes “about two seconds” to load from the PlayStation 5’s home menu, which is so fast that it doesn’t even have time to showcase the new opening animation feature on the next-gen console.

“They have a whole thing set up where you can do transition and it’s very nice, but frankly it doesn’t have time to play the animation,” Grier told Game Informer in an interview. “It just loads the game so fast.”

Kena was initially developed for the PlayStation 4, with chief creative officer Mike Grier saying “it was a nightmare” to get the desired performance from the older console.

“When we went to PS5 it was nice because we had a good baseline and then we could just add to it and take advantage of the extra juice.”

That extra juice not only helps Kena load faster than on the PS4, it also helps render the 100-odd Rot spirits that follow Kena around. The PS5’s superior graphics processing power also helps make the foliage appear more lush and vibrant in comparison to the PS4 version.

We still don’t have a release date for Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, but we suspect it’ll arrive roughly around the same time as the PlayStation 5.

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