Keep Your Brain Sharp With Upcoming Switch Puzzle Game Active Neurons

Nintendo Switch owners looking for a casual puzzle game to play on the go are in luck, as the addictive puzzle title Active Neurons is heading to the eShop on April 29. Currently discounted to $3.99, the simple title features over 120 levels for players to solve while relaxing to a “meditative” soundtrack.

The goal of each level in Active Neurons is simple. Players control a small white cube as they attempt to active all the neurons on the the screen. Think of the neurons as checkpoints — once you’ve activated them all, you’re free to move on to the next stage. However the white cube you control won’t stop moving until it has hit a solid object, making it important to have a plan of attack before randomly sliding around the map.

Active Neurons released last year on Steam and — although it didn’t garner much fanfare — every single review of the game has been positive. It’s a decidedly casual-looking title, but its puzzles are impressively complex and require excellent critical thinking skill if you want to conquer all 120.

The game is available for preorder on the eShop, and early adopters can snag the game for $3.99. Once it launches on April 29 that will go back up to $4.99. No matter what you pay, it’s a fair price for such a well-though out puzzle game.

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