John Cena Joins Fortnite Later This Week

It feels like Fortnite has crossed over with just about every series and franchise known to humankind at this point. There are still some big ones Epic needs to tick off the list though, and it will get the chance to do so later this week when John Cena is added to the game, marking the first time a WWE Superstar will enter The Loop. Well, as long as you don't count The Rock.

Epic revealed the news that Cena will become Fortnite canon later this week via a blog post on its site this morning. The Cena skins and accompanying WWE-themed cosmetics are part of something the Fortnite creators have dubbed Epic SummerSlam. The WWE event after which the event has been named takes place this Saturday, although the show won't actually feature Cena.

Cena's skin will have two variants. Entrance Style which dons The Franchise Player in a green t-shirt, and Ring Style in which he's topless and you can see the WWE Superstar's dog tags and wrist bands. The outfit also includes a WWE Title backbling (don't tell Roman Reigns). There will also be a Five Digit Slapper Pickaxe, and the U Can't C Me Emote.

The bad news is no, before you ask, Cena will not turn invisible so that you can't see him. As amusing as that might be, it would give you a very unfair advantage against any opponents not dressed as the 16-time World Champion. The good news is since the skin and its accouterments are arriving in-game to celebrate SummerSlam, you don't have long to wait until you can get your hands on them. Everything mentioned above will be added to the in-game store this Thursday, July 28.

Epic may well have entered into some sort of long-term deal with WWE that may span more than just one of its games. Although Fortnite is the first Epic property confirmed to be getting WWE cosmetics, it has been heavily rumored that certain WWE Superstars will be stepping into Fall Guys very soon. That would certainly lend more sense to the Epic SummerSlam label which currently only has Cena's Fortnite appearance attached to it.

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