Jinny Gets Cussed At And Chased, Loses Purse Streaming In San Francisco

Korean Twitch partners “Jinnytty” and “Yugwha0901” visited San Francisco, only to experience an unlucky day filled with hostility and stress. With their first few hours in the unfamiliar city, the pair decided to explore the famous Pier 39. The fun didn’t last long, however, due to an unfortunate run-in with (what seemed to be) a homeless person.

The two girls were tending to their streams as they strolled across a broad walkway, when all of the sudden a man aggressively told them to watch where they were going. Among other insults, he showed a nasty flair of racism by calling Jinny/Yuggie a “Chinese whore.” Yuggie seemed astonished, simply stating, “I’m not Chinese,” while Jinny laughed off the verbal assault. Yuggie then noticed the man coming after them and the pair took off running while laughing, clearly shocked at the entire situation.

The local was absolutely off of his rocker considering how he had plenty of room to avoid the streamers. By the looks of it, they were aware of his presence and did not run into him, but nevertheless, he decided to get needlessly aggressive. Although frightening, the encounter was in broad daylight and on a crowded square – so the streamers avoided any real danger.

Jinny and Yuggie are currently streaming their Californian adventures after leaving Texas just prior. They stayed in the city of Austin and rendezvoused with various other streamers from the area, such as Esfand, Mizkif, and Errob. Despite coming from some fun times in Texas, the Californian day got even worse for Jinny.

As the busy day in San Francisco came to a close, Jinny attempted to buy some supplies at a nearby CVS. She approached the cashier with her items and quickly realized that her purse was missing.

Retracing her steps, Jinny found the purse after about 30 minutes of searching on some sea-facing steps – but discovered that her Korean ID, some bank cards, and around $1000 had been taken.

Twitch users were split between feeling immense sympathy for Jinny and reprimanding her for carrying so much cash in one place. Luckily, she had a group of fans to support her during the terrible day, ringing in with hundreds of dollars in donations to consolidate the loss. As for her Korean ID, the only person who can understand now is Spongebob Squarepants (connection made by Redditor “Father Gandalf”) – no stranger to losing one’s identity.

Overall, it was a rough day for Jinny. Her supporters were quick to help her out, but the stream certainly ended on a stressful note.

Sources: Twitch, Twitter, Reddit

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