Into the Radius Delays Leaving Early Access, March Update Detailed

Early Access (EA) on platforms such as Steam has proven itself to be a useful avenue for small indie developers wanting to get their videogame into the hands of the gaming community for feedback, while at the same time clearly stating there’s work still to be done. Some studios have kept their title in EA limbo for years while others work to a shorter time frame, occasionally having to add a little delay here and there. It’s the latter which CM Games has confirmed today, with the full release of Into the Radius pushed back.

The studio had originally planned to leave Early Access by the end of Q1 2020. That changed because: “The feedback and reviews that we’ve gotten so far have encouraged us to put more focus on creating a better tutorial and improving the core mechanics of the game,” notes the team in a statement. So currently there’s no date for the official launch with CM Games expecting to be able to reveal one in Q2 2020.

For those already ingrained in the Into the Radius universe another update is due in March to keep improving those mechanics with the following features:

  • New tutorial
  • Updated map with new areas to explore
  • New Journal (Quest log)
  • General UI improvements
  • Improved object inspection / interaction UI
  • Updated Attachment lock
  • Improved climbing mechanic
  • Mission Computer will allow multiple missions at once
  • Improved projectile physics (Ricochet, Material penetration, Bullet drop distance)
  • New Anomaly & Artifact distribution, now Anomalies will often appear in cluster mazes with artifacts in the middle
  • Misc. bug fixes

Into the Radius is a post-apocalyptic survival horror for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Some sort of strange event created the mysterious and deadly Pechorsk Radius which few are allowed to enter. Players take on the role of a UN Pechorsk Special Committee specialist trapped inside, looking to uncover the mysteries within.

While the events going on are weird and unnatural the player mechanics are very much set in the real world, with manual reloading of weapons and clips, real bullet physics and more. As further details for Into the Radius are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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