‘Inspiring Women’ video series continues to shine a spotlight on female marketing leaders

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CleverTap continues its Inspiring Women video series with five more female marketing executives who exemplify leadership and creativity. Hearing the unique stories directly from women who’ve experienced the trials and triumphs of leadership is a vital part of celebrating how far women have come — both in and out of the workplace.

Here are the next five women featured:

  • Mohita Nagpal, Marketing Director at Hiver
  • Namrata Balwani, Marketing & Customer Experience Consultant
  • Claire Drummond, Content Strategist Lead at Atlassian
  • Kriti Gupta, Founder & CEO of DUbeat
  • Amy Bishop, Owner and Digital Marketing Consultant at Cultivative

Mohita Nagpal

After beginning her career in journalism, Mohita transitioned into marketing at Belong and is now the VP of Marketing at Hiver. She specializes in content marketing and has expanded her skills to include PR and paid marketing.

She attributes her success in what she calls “full-stack marketing” to reading and finding the right mentor. She believes the best place to learn is from other marketers who share different experiences and perspectives.

“One of the things I’ve realized is we focus too much on tactical stuff,” she says. “What really sets your marketing apart in a time when products aren’t differentiated is a plan. You need a narrative, and that comes from marketing. Your analytical and creative side should work hand in hand.”

Namrata Balwani

Namrata works with startups to strategize their marketing transformation and martech stack. She started in advertising and founded a digital agency. Ten years with her own startup led her to consult startups on their marketing journey.

She’s always looking for ways to get out of her comfort zone and try new things. She attributes her success in staying ahead of the curve to reading, networking, and implementing technologies to her everyday tasks.

“There are very few women in senior roles,” she points out. “We should actively mentor the next generation of women.”

Claire Drummond

Claire’s passion for tech and background in writing led to her current role as a content strategist at Atlassian. She believes her talent for storytelling in the tech niche has contributed to her success.

She and her team are Agile focused and committed to delivering an excellent experience for customers. She focuses on the strategy portion, and her team handles the execution.

“As a woman in the technology space where it’s really male-dominated, I think empathy is the most important thing you can build,” she says. “Everybody has stuff they have to deal with, making [empathy] the center of your work culture really important.”

Kriti Gupta

Kriti founded DUBeat at the young age of 19 before getting her MBA at Wharton. She’s worked with different agencies working on business strategies before moving back to India.

Since graduating, she’s back at the helm at DUBeat in a more active role. She believes learning takes place in many different aspects. She reads and actively uses technology, believing that this helps her stay on top of changes in the field.

“I’ve had a lot of female bosses, and they’ve all been wonderful and empowering to me,” she says. “They’ve given me platforms to elevate the work I was doing. Community is important, and I’ve tried to be that mentor to my team.”

Amy Bishop

Amy has been doing digital marketing for almost ten years. She took advantage of an on-the-job training program to get her start, and now she loves analyzing and using data for her marketing initiatives.

Although she started at a smaller agency, she pushed herself to try new things. After working for both a large agency and in-house teams, she began her own agency. She manages Cultivative on her own and stays updated on the marketing landscape by reading and attending events for both content and networking.

“It all starts with networking,” she says. “Keeping in touch with people and learning from them over time [is important]. If I have a question or want to bounce an idea off somebody, it usually comes from those people.”

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