Indie World Direct due this week, Nintendo Direct next week?

Nintendo’s announcement of a new Indie World livestream could indicate a new general Direct, according to recent rumours.

There have actually been plenty of new Nintendo Directs this year. Back in January, Game Freak unveiled the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass, and Byleth was confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

And only last month, we got an Animal Crossing-themed one for the soon-to-be-released New Horizons.

But, that’s not what most fans are after. They want a more general Nintendo Direct; one that focuses on a multitude of different titles, especially as after Animal Crossing there isn’t a single major new Switch game scheduled for release for the rest of the year.

A full fat Nintendo Direct still hasn’t been confirmed but Nintendo will be hosting one of its Indie World showcases (or Nindies, as it used to be called), where the publisher highlights upcoming indie titles.

Naturally, this has revitalised speculation that a new Nintendo Direct will follow, which is exactly what one previous rumour predicted.

Less than a week ago, a rumour began circulating that Nintendo would have two Nintendo Directs in March; one of them being a Nindies showcase and the other a more general Direct.

The rumour claimed that the indie Direct would be held on Wednesday, 18 March. But the date has turned out to be inaccurate, with the showcase happening tomorrow on Tuesday, 17 instead.

Whether that means the other prediction, that there’d be a general topic Nintendo Direct on Thursday, 26 March, is more or less likely is hard to say, as the wrong date may mean the leaker was just taking an educated guess or maybe Nintendo changed dates at the last minute.

But previous Directs have tended to take place on Thursdays and a new one is long overdue, so there is that.

SinceNintendo don’t announce these Directs until a few days beforehand (sometimeseven only the day before), we’ll have to wait until next week to see if any ofthis speculation holds true.

The Indie World showcase will take place on 17 March at 5pm GMT / 10am PT / 1pm ET.

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