Indie Survival RPG Highrisers Gets The High Ground Next Month

Just because you have the high ground, it doesn’t mean you have to take the high road. All’s fair when it comes to taking out the undead, after all.

Developed by Solar Powered Games and published by Assemble Entertainment, indie survival RPG Highrisers will be released on PC via Steam on May 6, 2021. The game can be wishlisted right now via the Steam Store page.

In Highrisers, players will take on the role of one of four human survivors as they spend their days exploring and scavenging for resources in the levels of procedurally-generated city skyscrapers. It’s the nighttime that these survivors will need to prepare for, however.

In the lower, dimly lit levels of the same buildings, nocturnal humanoids called Dreamers lurk, awaiting nightfall when they become more aggressive as their numbers multiply, while becoming more willing to hunt for the survivors above them.

Survivors – each of whom has their own special skills ranging from technical prowess to the ability to repair machines – will also need to risk adventuring into the lower levels at times in order to secure more important items such as weapons, food, and parts to repair the helicopter that is conveniently positioned on the roof of the building – which is the only way that the survivors can escape. These missions become increasingly more dangerous with every passing day, as Dreamers begin to ascend to the upper levels.

The game’s trailer shows off 2D pixelated, side-scrolling aesthetics with survivors using their various skills to scavenge for supplies, craft and set traps, and take out Dreamers, all while attempting to survive long enough to be able to escape from the building.

Replayability also provides a major pull for Highrisers thanks to the game’s generated levels that will keep each playthrough fresh and excited.

Although the premise seems simple enough, there’s little doubt that success in Highrisers will take solid strategies and split-second decisions – much like most zombie-style situations would probably require. Be sure to catch Highrisers when it releases for PC via Steam on May 6.

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