If you’re self-isolating, these free mobile apps might come in handy

From this weekend there will be an increasing number of people staying indoors.

Whether you're self-isolating, or simply doing your best to keep your distance with the general public, chances are you'll need some extra help to make you get the most out of staying in.

Apple knows this and as such pulled together a special new curated playlist of apps to help make your life easier during this troubling time.

"Whether we are looking to better communicate with coworkers, keep cooped-up kids entertained, squeeze in a living room workout, get bulk deliveries, or stay informed from trusted news sources, we’ve found apps to make life just a little easier." an Apple spokesperson told us.

"New timely content meant to serve as a helpful resource for our users will be added to the Today tab in the App Store every day, and we’re happy to keep you posted on that as it rolls out if helpful."

Keep reading, we've pulled together a few of the apps that might help you out, but follow the Apple App Store link if you want to scan the full collection.

Apps for Working and Staying at Home

Here's just a few, but there are many additional, curated options at every collection link

• Keep in Touch With Loved Ones – Houseparty (Life On Air, Inc) makes group video calls easy and fun. Add up to eight people. Explore the full collection here.

Connect With Your Coworkers – Explore the App Store’s wide range of tools that facilitate group collaboration through video conferencing, real-time communication, secure messaging and more here.

Learn and Study From Home – Khan Academy (Khan Academy) helps you get a handle on math, science, and more. Start with early principles for little ones, select a specific grade level for older kids, even study for AP tests in numerous subjects. Explore the full collection here.

Listen to the News – Curio (Curio Labs Limited) takes written news stories and turns them into audio—like a breaking-news podcast. Explore the full collection here.

Catch Breaking News – Ground News (Snapwise Inc.) is a news source comparison tool that helps analyze bias across the political spectrum. Explore the full collection here

Work Out at Home – Wakeout! (Andres Canella) helps you get in workouts by taking advantage of your surroundings. Work out from bed, from your desk chair, and more. Explore the full collection here.

Your Meditation Station – Shine (Shine) provides wonderful audio sessions for stress and anxiety, while its section for daily rituals makes doing the dishes and starting the laundry more intentional. Explore the full collection here.

Soothing Sounds to Relax To – Whether you want to relax, focus, or fall asleep, Endel (Endel) uses a powerful algorithm to tailor music just for you. Explore the full collection here.

Yoga for Everyone – Asana Rebel (Asana Rebel GmbH) features yoga-inspired exercise programs that can be squeezed into even the busiest schedules. Explore the full collection here.

Track Feelings, Moods, and Emotions – Reflectly (Reflectly) is a personal journal and diary that will teach you how to reduce stress, get perspective, develop gratitude and more. Explore the full collection here.

Grocery Shopping Made Easy – Boxed (Boxed) lets you order fresh food, pantry staples, and household essentials in bulk for delivery. Explore the full collection here.

Find Your New Go-To Recipes – Mealime (Mealime Meal Plans Inc) is a meal planning tool with built-in grocery delivery. The app also helps you reduce food waste, saving you money. Explore the full collection here.

Games & Kids Apps To Keep Everyone Entertained

Family Style: Co-op Kitchen (Nopri, LLC) is fun for the whole family! Swipe ingredients around a circle to complete recipes. It's delightful chaos.

Crossy Road Castle (Hipster Whale), the newest addition to Apple Arcade, brings back all your favorite characters as they move away from the streets and into the tallest towers. How high can you climb?

Lego Duplo World (StoryToys) is an open-ended play experience for little ones.

Epic! (Epic Creations, Inc.) provides more than 35,000 e-books, audiobooks, learning videos, and quizzes for kids 12 and under.

Apps with free or discounted subscription resources available during Covid-19 crisis

Peloton App is extending the 30-day free trial period to 90 days in an effort to make it easier to access fitness and wellness content.

• Meditation app Shine just launched Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety, a free resource curated by Shine in partnership with Mental Health America to help you manage your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty.

• Stop, Breathe, Think has added a new category to the app called Calm Coronavirus Anxiety to help users feel more safe, centered and connected. They’ve curated a selection of premium tracks – now free for the next 60 days – to support users.

• Headspace offers free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Headspace is also offering a collection of content, called Weathering the Storm available free to everyone.

• Kinedu, an app for baby development, is making their app for free until April 15th for everyone around the world that is in need of activities for their little ones at home.

• Tripit is making its premium service, TripIt Pro, complimentary to travelers for six months, to help anyone who needs to stay informed on flight schedule changes and cancellations.

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