How To Lock Doors In Call Of Duty: Warzone

It might sound strange to say out loud, but doors are a major factor in winning a match in Warzone. The sound of one opening, being bashed through, or even blown up can be a vital tool in determining where an enemy is. However, people are only recently realizing there is a way to actually lock doors in Warzone to completely cut off routes. Here’s how you can keep yourself safe and confuse your opponents by locking your doors.

Modern Warfare, and the free Warzone mode, are the first two games in the entire Call of Duty franchise to feature doors that players can open and close at will. This was an essential addition for Warzone in particular to facilitate the open map design. You could open the door by approaching it and pressing a button, or while running to slam it open. For a long time most people thought that was the extent of it, but after the Call of Duty League Championships held on August 30, three time world champion player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks sent out a Tweet asking if anyone else besides his team had figured out how to lock doors. If you haven’t, here’s the simple steps to locking doors in Warzone.

How You Can Lock Doors In Warzone

The method of locking doors in Warzone is actually very simple, but not some hidden mechanic or feature that no one had noticed up until this point. This secret technique seemed to only be known be a few pros before, but is now becoming more widely known.

If you want to start locking doors, the steps required are easy enough for anyone to do.

  1.  Find the door  you want to lock and open it.
  2. Close the door by walking your character into it, but not by pressing the action button or slamming it in the opposite direction.
  3. Find any other doors inside your building to lock them as well to fully seal yourself in.
  4. Watch as other players try in vain to enter your building with no clue as to why they can’t open the doors.

The clip above shows the results of the locked door technique, with players repeatedly attempting to enter the “locked” door with no effect. The only way to get around this trick is to actually destroy the door in question with an explosive, or even blast it open with a stun grenade.

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