How To Get The Mantis Pose Achievement In Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

In Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, players travel to a new region called Cantha. Since Cantha has been cut off from the rest of the world until now, there are tons of new things to discover, including technologies, cultures, politicians, and enemies.

With the new End of Dragons story come new related achievements! As with past stories, you can earn special Ascended-grade loot for completing all of them. In this article, we'll address one of the new ones available to you in Seitung Province, the very first new map you'll encounter.

The Hint

Hint: "Check in on a training friend."

The hint for this achievement is purposefully vague, but if you're paying enough attention to the dialogue and interactions, you should have an idea of whom it's talking about: Gorrik!

You can complete it right after arriving in Seitung Province, as you work through the early story missions.

Finding Gorrik

You'll probably guess that you need to find someone in the Training Grounds of Seitung Province. More specifically, you need to go to the Obstacle Course there, which is a Point of Interest (POI).

When you arrive, the trainer will inform you that you need to complete the course using your glider to hop between sections.

If you want to earn the loot at the end of the course, you'll need to follow the correct path. However, if you just want to get the Mantis Pose achievement and leave, you don't need to be careful. The easiest way is to just search for the platform he's on from the ground and, once you've located him, jump up to Gorrik on your Springer.

Once you've found Gorrik in the training grounds, you'll earn the achievement!

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