How To Get A Pet Dog In Remnant: From The Ashes (Very Good Boy Weapon Mod)

If you think every game is enhanced with extra dogs then we have good news. You can now get a pet dog in Remnant: From The Ashes, thanks to a mod. The Very Good Boy Mod is a weapon mod you can attach to your guns that will allow you to summon this furry friend into battle.

Very Good Boy summons a Rhom-looking canine to fight by your side, dealing 80 damage, but that’s not all. You’re also able to have him sit down while you pet him. Petting the dog increases the damage it does by 5%. The other summons in the game, Beckon and Seed Caller, summon two entities to fight with you, dealing half as much damage each. The Very Good Boy mod acts as two summons combined.

How To Get The Very Good Boy Mod

To get this weapon mod you have to do a small, random task within Rhom instead of earning it from defeating an enemy. Each world in Remnant: From The Ashes has a dedicated merchant. Earth has Mud Tooth, Corsus has the Iskal queen, Yaesha has the Stuck Merchant, and Rhom has Wud. If you’ve run into Wud before, you’ll notice that he has a pet dog sitting beside him inside a large and broken airplane.

Find Rhom In Wud

You can travel back to Rhom or reroll your game in World Settings at the worldstone to find the merchant. Like all merchants, he will be in a locked off area you can only get to by going through a dungeon or two and coming out from the other side.

If you’ve already beaten the game on your own save file, you can just travel to the nearest worldstone. If you haven’t, touch the worldstone in Ward 13, go to World Settings, Reroll Campaign, then select Rhom.

You might have to reroll a couple of times until you get the map that Wud is on. You can tell if you’re on the right map by finding the large airplane structure that you can’t enter and by seeing the blue NPC merchant symbol on the map.

Pet Wud’s Dog And Profit

Once you find Wud and are able to get inside his little makeshift hut, all you have to do is pet the dog. Petting the dog instantly grants you the weapon mod Very Good Boy for immediate use

  • Combining this with the Cultist armor set will make your dog unstoppable.

The Cultist armor set increases the amount of time you can use a mod for, meaning the dog will stay by your side way longer instead of disappearing after 60 seconds. This armor also makes your weapon mods recharge passively.

When the game first came out, you couldn’t even pet the dog. Now, not only can you pet it, but it gives you a free weapon mod as well. Job well done, developers. Dogs in video games make everyone’s days a little bit better.

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