How Gold Magazines Will Probably Work In Apex Legends Season 8

Apex Legends Season 8 is kicking off in one week, and in addition to Fuse and a very different view of the iconic King’s Canyon map, the update is bringing a whole host of new changes which just might change up the meta. Yes, the 30-30 Repeater is going to help the new legend Fuse make the battlefield even more dynamic and unpredictable, but the Gold Magazine might be what changes the game to most.

High-level Apex Legends players know when their opponent needs to reload, they can hear the spray pattern of one gun, the next, and then they know to move in and finish the job while their foe is caught in an awkward position. Well, Gold Magazines change that entirely. The Gold Magazine is a brand new loot tier for the extended magazines, and while it may not increase the size of your clip, it’ll almost certainly make you more deadly in a firefight. Here is everything we know about the Gold Extended Magazines so far, and how you will be using them in Apex Legends Season 8.

What Gold Magazines Will Do In Apex Legends Season 8

The latest information about Gold Magazines in Apex Legends Season 8 comes ahead of a trailer that will debut today (January 26). In the description for this new trailer, it offers a summary of the new features you can find in the new season, and one of those new features is the Gold Extended Magazine, a new fourth-tier rarity level for the Extended Magazines. We’ve seen what Gold-tier items do to attachments, and they always come with a special effect – for example, the Gold-tier Barrel Stabiliser doesn’t stabilise any more than the tier-three barrel, but it does remove all muzzle flash from your gun, making it drastically easier the track enemies in a heated battle.

The Gold Extended Magazine is very similar. Instead of just increasing the size of your barrel as the other Extended Magazine attachments have, this one has yet another special property: when you holster your weapon, it will reload over time. The exact math hasn’t been detailed yet, so we don’t know if there’s a timer or if new bullets will slowly appear in the clip over time, but this means you’ll spend a lot more time shooting, and less time reloading.

How To Use Gold Magazines For The Best Results In Apex Legends Season 8

We can’t exactly break down how Gold Extended Magazines will affect the meta right now – we need to see them in action first – but we do have a good idea of what will happen when you have one. Right now, if you shoot your gun and run out of ammo, it is often more time-effective to swap whatever your held weapon is with the one you have holstered. Obvious, right? It lets you continue to shoot, so your opponent can’t easily finish you off.

Well now let’s assume your first weapon has a Gold Extended Magazine. You run it dry, swap weapons, run that dry, and then swap again, only to find a completely filled magazine. This is, in theory, how we should see the Gold Extended Magazine being used in Apex Legends Season 8, giving you the ability to swap to a third full magazine without you having to waste time manually reloading.

While we need to see it in action and get to grips with it ourselves before we can make a final call, early indications seem to be incredibly promising for the latest weapon attachment in Apex Legends. Only one week until the new season drops, and we’re incredibly excited to start playing.

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