House Of The Gundead Throws Back To Old-School Arcade Favorites

Arcade gaming could be on the comeback trail. And, on the back of the success of titles like Killer Queen, Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is here, with a full cabinet, to hand you that kick of nostalgia you so crave.

The setup is now available for pre-order from makers Griffin Aerotech, who describes it as “a new arcade adventure based on Enter the Gungeon, the multi-million unit selling PC and console game.”

Destructoid’s Caitlyn Cooke had the opportunity to play the game at PAX East recently and referred to it as a first-person shooter which lets players blast their way through the gundead army into rooms of their choice while having the ability to “warp” back to the main room, picking up new weapons and chests throughout, before unlocking the boss room.

The bosses and enemies are still ridiculous and fun as they are in the original Enter the Gungeon, and the dodge element is still present as well, making the game a little more dynamic than a normal shooter.

You could go it alone or take on the “Gungeonverse” with a fellow “Gungeoneer.”

The cabinet, understood to be customizable, will set players back a cool $4,999, which is pretty much standard for such arcade cabinets.

The setup includes:

– Cabinet with 43″ LCD monitor

– Deluxe artwork

– Full game software and hardware

– Buttons, guns, coin mechanism

It comes with a 12-month warranty for the cabinetry and a three-month warranty for electronics.

House of the Gundead should also become available for consoles after its release, although that’s yet to be confirmed,

The title is set for launch during the earlier part of 2020 and, while there’s no word on a timeframe where consoles are concerned, you should be able to enjoy it at a local arcade whenever it’s released.

The developers have two other titles available at the moment – Skycurser and Rashlander – which are probably worth checking out as well.

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