Horizon Forbidden West’s Latest Patch Removes Looting Animation

Horizon Forbidden West's Patch 1.09 went live a few days ago. It addressed issues pertaining to main quests, like machines, NPCs, and the player getting stuck in places they shouldn't. On the side quest side of things, the patch addressed issues like NPCs not being where they were supposed to be, some missing prompts, more getting-stuck issues, and even a progression breaking bug. However, what the patch notes failed to mention, was that the devs introduced a very convenient quality-of-life feature – removing the looting animation.

While running around the Forbidden West, you may have noticed that Aloy slows down and reaches for any resources you prompt her to collect. The animation isn't as slow and deliberate as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, but at the same time, it's rather vague and directionless. Aloy just stretches her hand in the general direction of the resource and it disappears from the screen.

As pointed out by PushSquare, while not mentioned in the patch notes, taking a look at the General options in the game will show you a toggle for Pickup Animation. Switching it to Off will allow you to pick up items on the move, without any animation or change in momentum while you're on the move. Considering how lazy the current animation looks, you'd be better off using this option.

The patch also further addressed the issue of the shimmering visuals which plagued a number of players when the game initially launched. At the time, players were unsure what was causing the issue, but toggling the anti aliasing seemed to help. The issue was most prominent in areas with a lot of trees.

However, there are some issues that are still being investigated by the developers. For instance, the above mentioned shimmering issue will be further worked on, and Atekka does not fire the ballista for some reason in the Blood Choke mission. Additionally, The ‘Upgraded Every Pouch Type’ Trophy sometimes doesn't unlock despite completing all mission parameters, and some map icons fail to disappear after the item has been collected or the activity has been completed.

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