Hitman 3: How To Complete The Angry Birdy Challenge In Dubai

Despite Hitman 3’s serious narrative, the recent trilogy is best known for its absurd kills that make 47 the most creative assassin in history. The brilliantly designed levels are meant to be explored inch to inch. As the player, it is up to you to manipulate the area and NPCs around you that will cause the perfect kill.

One of Hitman 3’s funniest kills takes place in Dubai. As part of the Angry Birdy Challenge, Agent 47 must somehow get target Carl Ingram to strike an explosive golf ball. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this could be quite a confusing task to pull off as you need to plan accordingly.

Planning The Mission

The best Starting Location for this Challenge will be the Meeting Room, which is unlocked very quickly at Mastery Level 4.  For your Gear, it’s always a great idea to have some Coins on you.

If you want to save some extra time on this Challenge, we recommend that you don’t attempt this Challenge until you reach Mastery Level 10 in Dubai. This will allow you to automatically start the mission with the Explosive Golf Ball, instead of having to find it. We’ll still have a guide for how to find the golf ball but you can skip that section if you’ve already unlocked it.

Finding The Golf Ball

Starting from the Meeting Room, immediately get up and leave through the door behind you. Quickly run past the two guards to avoid detection and enter the door on the right. Pull out your camera to open the window, which will then prompt both the guard and the woman to leave a few seconds later.

Head out of the window and start climbing the rails to your right. Keep going along the path and you’ll eventually make your way up to another window. Open it up and head inside. There is a Penthouse Guard standing at the end of the hallway. Take cover, lure him out with a coin and hide his body in the Storage room to your left. Exit the Storage room, turn left and you’ll see a door on your left called the Maintenance Corridor.

There will be two maintenance workers here. The woman will be on the phone is discussing her reservations to kill someone with an exploding golf ball. She decided not to do it but reveals the golf ball is in the storage closet. Take both her and the other worker out. The woman will drop the key for a Maintenance Closet at the end of the Maintenance Corridor. Go into the Maintenance Closet and you’ll find the Exploding Golf Ball next to a red toolbox.

NOTE: If you’ve unlocked this shortcut, you can go up the ladder from inside the Maintenance Closet and you’ll now be outside next to the golf clubs. If not, just make your way upstairs until you end up in the large Courtyard area.

Planting The Golf Ball

Keep walking and you’ll see some doors that lead to outside. This is where the golf clubs are found. Make sure you unlock the shortcut previously mentioned now if you haven’t already.

Next to the clubs is a bucket of golf balls. Go ahead and plant the Explosive Golf Ball in the bucket. This is considered an Illegal Action so just be sure that the cleaning lady doesn’t see you do it.

Getting Carl Ingram To Play Golf

Okay, so playing golf is not part of Ingram’s normal routine. By listening to some random guards near the Courtyard, you’ll hear them say that Ingram only plays golf to blow off some steam. So your goal is to stress out Ingram enough to get him to play golf. Here’s how you do it.

After you plant the ball, head back inside the Courtyard and go into the large entrance guarded by two men. Once you pass them, immediately turn left and you’ll find yourself in a fancy room. It’s got nice marble floors and a big sectional couch. You’ll hear the cleaning lady being scolded by a guard for playing her music because Ingram does not want to hear it.

The first thing you need to do in this room is just waiting for Ingram to show up as part of his normal routine. Once he shows up and sits down at his desk, find the radio in the room and turn it on (make sure no one sees you). After you turn it on, quickly leave the room. You’ll eventually hear Ingram freak out at his guards. The maid will turn off the radio but this is okay.

After he gets mad the first time, he’ll go back to work at his desk. In order to really piss him off, you need to turn the radio on again. Just like the first time, Ingram will get mad and the maid will turn the radio off. This should only take about two attempts but sometimes it can be three. You’ll know you’ve succeeded after Ingram gets so upset that yells at his guards and announces that he’s going upstairs to his penthouse.

Follow him up to his penthouse but don’t go inside. Instead, you’ll see a large Vacuum Cleaner near the main door of his penthouse. Once Ingram starts working again, turn on the vacuum without anyone seeing you. After you’ve done this, Ingram will be so furious and he’ll announce he’s going to play golf.

Just like that, you’re done. All you have to do is wait and Ingram will eventually go outside and start playing golf. The first ball he grabs is conveniently the explosive one. He’ll hit once and blow himself up, completing the Angry Birdy Challenge.

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