Halo Multiplayer Announcer Jeff Steitzer Recites Iconic Voice Lines From "Slayer" To "Killionaire"

Double kill. Triple kill. Overkill. Killtacular. Killtrocity. Killimanjaro.

Need I go on? Surely that iconic voice is already drilled into your head by now.

As it turns out, Halo multiplayer announcer Jeff Steitzer recently did a reading of some of his most famous voice lines from Bungie’s revered shooter. As you can probably imagine, listening back to “Killionaire” – or even just the announcement that commences a game of Slayer – is lovely. Here, just have a listen, alright?

As you can see from the video, Steitzer put together a recording for some lad named Johhan, who apparently compiled a list of things he wanted to hear. Reader, this list exclusively included medal and game mode announcements from Halo 3’s illustrious multiplayer component. Johhan is obviously a legend.

It may be approaching 14 years since the launch of Halo 3 – my old bones quiver at the thought of it – but Steitzer still has the voice nailed down to a T.

“I hope that does the trick, coming to you from my little, tiny vocal booth,” Steitzer says. He goes on to show Johann and whoever else is watching said booth, but I can’t help rewinding back just to hear him say, “Play ball” again. And again. Honestly, what a voice.

Oh, to be ten years old, playing Halo 3 multiplayer way past your bedtime with the sound turned down sufficiently low for your parents not to hear, but just loud enough to listen to the amazingly melodic “Killtastrophe!” I got halfway through this article before realizing I’d involuntarily started reinstalling the Master Chief Collection on an SSD. There’s nothing quite like a reminder of how brilliant Halo 3’s multiplayer voice lines are.

Anyway, the whole situation is great. I always love seeing voice actors engaging with the games they work on, as well as the communities surrounding them. For example, Persona 5 voice actor Max Mittelman told fans that Ryuji is “probably” bisexual, while Prometheus voice actor Elias Toufexis joked with his son in-character while playing through Immortals Fenyx Rising.

My favourite one, though, was when Genshin Impact’s Traveler voice actor, Zach Aguilar, made a whole joke compilation about the fact he has no lines except for shouting “Windblade!” and occasionally grunting. Brilliant.

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