Half-Life Modder Demakes Stanley Parable For GoldSrc

The Stanley Parable first got started as a Half-Life 2 mod way back in 2011. Now, over a decade later, The Stanley Parable is also a Half-Life 1 mod.

Original Half-Life modder heutick has taken the Stanley Parable’s multiple branching narratives and stuffed them into the GoldSrc engine. Or at least part of them, anyway. A demo released on April 1 confirmed the mod is still “very unfinished” and only has two maps and the voice of the narrator currently working, although heutick thinks “the mod will develop in the future.”

For those who never played The Stanley Parable, it’s a difficult game to explain. You play as an office worker named Stanley, and there’s a narrator played by British actor Kevan Brighting explaining Stanley’s actions. As the player, you can decide whether to comply or defy the narrator’s instructions, often with hilarious results either way. The game has multiple endings depending on the players choices, and there are a lot of choices to be made playing The Stanley Parable.

serious room – Mod DB

You can download The Stanley Parable: Classic on ModDB here. Note that you’ll need to have the original Half-Life installed for the mod to function.

There’s also an expanded version of The Stanley Parable coming later in April. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe will hit both PC and all major consoles (including the Switch) on April 27. Offering even more endings and a branching narrative, it promises to be the definitive Stanley Parable experience.

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