Half-Life 2 Modder Creates Dog Action Figure

Half-Life fans are a creative bunch, creating wonders that vary from fully-fledged expansions like Echoes and Entropy Zero to re-imaginings like Black Mesa and the upcoming Blue Shift remake, to designing and bringing to life actual props and figures. That’s what Deeper Down creator Jim Partridge has shared, his brand new Dog figurine.

It’s no wonder that the community is such an expressive collection of talented individuals when the series seemingly died out after Episode 3 dwindled into mythic legend and became a meme. All the same, even with Alyx, that creativity hasn’t been stifled – Partridge’s Dog figure has been in the works for a few days now and is an incredibly detailed replica.

He shared a picture of the resin 3D print on March 9 which saw a completely blank, white Dog, as if someone had popped down to Ravenholm to grab a few cans of paint to lob off the poor sod, but on the same day, new pictures began to surface of coloring and texture and finishing touches being added. All of this while conjuring up a trailer for his mod, Deeper Down.

“He’s the only friend I need now,” Partridge stated. If it behaves anything as it does in the games, that’s fair enough. But what is Dog without Alyx? Perhaps Jim will complete the set with our friend in arms – after all, she has now helmed her own game, putting her up there with Gordon, Barney, and Shephard.

As for Deeper Down, if you want to venture further into Partridge’s work, it’s a Half-Life 2 fan-made expansion that brings with it thirteen new maps, brand new environments, and new models. “Jim Partridge took several key aspects from Episode Two, Alyx, and the car, and expanded on these in an attempt to re-create that amazing Half-Life 2 feeling that everyone is looking for.”

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