Hackers Are Exploiting Nintendo’s PayPal Feature For Fortnite V-Bucks

If you have your PayPal account linked up to your Nintendo account then now is the time to sever that link, at least temporarily. It appears that a number of gamers have been victims of fraud with hackers somehow managing to make charges of hundreds of dollars worth of V-Bucks onto their accounts.

We were made aware of the issue by a post from character designer Reed, known as Contrabeast on Twitter. After he spoke about the hack, his message was flooded with replies from people who have experienced the exact same thing.

It appears that somehow hackers are managing to discover or tap into people’s PayPal information and use it to purchase V-Bucks, the premium currency for Fortnite. Every person affected appears to have their PayPal account linked to their Nintendo one, although reports suggest that some people don’t even have Fortnite installed.

If this has happened to you then it has been suggested that you contact Nintendo first and foremost for the quickest resolution. Other victims are reporting that Nintendo has offered no quibble refunds, although we’ve heard nothing official from it about this issue.

We highly suggest that, at least until Nintendo has figured this out, you may want to unlink your PayPal account when not in use. Here’s how to do that.

Unlinking Your PayPal and Nintendo Account

To unlink the payment method you first need to sign into the Nintendo eShop as usual. Once in simply click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and this will bring up your account information. Next, you can scroll down to PayPal account, which is about four options down. Finally, hit the unlink option to remove the payment method.

Currently, Nintendo is struggling due to the coronavirus. The Nintendo Online service is down with no estimated fix time so if you do have issues be prepared for the fact that customer service may be limited at this time.

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