Guardians Of The Galay: Chapter Two Collectible Guide

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  • Guardian Collectible: Broken Translation Device
  • Galactic Compendium Item: Nikki's Personal Device

Compared to Chapter One, the second chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy is light on collectibles. Like, nearly Zero-G light. But, there are still a few items to gain in the shiny bowels of the Nova Corps station.

In “Busted," the gang has been apprehended and cuffed by the space cops. Quill has history with one of their leaders, Korel, and after he and Korel's daughter, Nikki, are separated from the rest of the Guardians, they must make their way back up together. On this journey, we’ll find two collectibles. One is a Guardian Collectible. The other is a Galactic Compendium Item that is very easy to miss.

Guardian Collectible: Broken Translation Device

When you reach Nikki's hideout, you have a brief opportunity to grab a Guardian Collectible. On the right, you should spot a pair of yellow crates.

Walk behind them and you should see the glint of a collectible on the ground. Pick it up to gain the Broken Translation Device.

Galactic Compendium Item: Nikki's Personal Device

Nikki and Quill get a nasty shock when they open the elevator door: Nikki's space cop mom (and Quill's space cop ex) Korel! During the conversation that follows, you can gain an extra item for your Galactic Compendium: Nikki's Personal Device. Nikki uses this keycard to unlock doors and access areas she shouldn't, and if you take her side at every opportunity throughout the conversation, she'll slip it into your pocket when her mom isn't looking.

It may be tempting to try to play both sides in this conversation, but you need to really commit to defending Nikki. Here's the path you should take through the conversation in order to get Nikki's Personal Device.

At the first decision point, choose "Stick Up For Nikki."

For the second choice, we went with "Re-Activate Elevator."

At the third branch, go with "Try To Help Nikki."

And, finally, at the fourth decision point, "Take The Blame." If you take Nikki's side on everything, you'll get an alert at the top of the screen as she slips you the item. Then, when you next gain control of Quill, check the menu and you should see it in the Galactic Compendium section.

Now that chapter two is done, Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians have a hefty fine to pay back to Nova Corps and only three cycles to pay it. But that doesn't mean you should stop to grab all the collectibles you can get your hands on along the way.

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