Guardians Of The Galaxy: Chapter One Collectible Guide

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  • Archive: Team Costumes
  • Archive: Nano-Resin Incident Report
  • Archive: Pride and Fall
  • Archive: QZ Disposal
  • Guardian Collectible: Ravager Comm Bracelet
  • Archive: Failed to Send Message
  • Archive: Unthinkable
  • Guardian Collectible: Spinal Control Unit
  • Archive: A Miracle!

Guardians of the Galaxy is as chock-full of collectibles as a Peter Quill mixtape with '80s hair metal. But, finding them all isn't as easy as pressing play on a Walkman. In fact, since GotG is a choice-based game, certain decisions can lock or unlock certain collectibles. So, if you want to find everything on your initial playthrough, it's important to know where to look.

In this guide, we'll help you find all the Guardian Collectibles in Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble. In total, there are two Guardian Collectibles to look out for, Ravager Comm Bracelet and Spinal Control Unit, and seven Archive entries.

Archive: Team Costumes

After Drax wakes you up and Quill takes some time to primp in the mirror, head out your door then turn right to enter Rocket’s room. You should see the archive on the floor immediately to your right.

Archive: Nano-Resin Incident Report

Right after you land on the Quarantine Zone, jump up on the ledge to your left. Here, you should spot a yellow crate where the next archive entry awaits.

Archive: Pride and Fall

While Rocket is talking to Groot about the Trion Shard, follow him through the porthole in the crashed ship, but turn left and head in the opposite direction. At the end of the corridor, where there is a missing wall overlooking a bunch of pink goo, spot an archive sitting on the ground.

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Archive: QZ Disposal

After you shoot a creepy crawly, Rocket will activate a scoreboard on your HUD. When this happens, run inside the tunnel immediately ahead and look to the right where you should see the telltale glint of another archive.

Guardian Collectible: Ravager Comm Bracelet

After Quill falls and is separated from Groot and Rocket, crouch to move through the hole on the right. When you emerge from the tunnel you should see some shootable gray matter. Blast it to reveal the Ravager Comm Bracelet.

Archive: Failed to Send Message

From the Ravager Comm Bracelet location, shoot more gray gunk to open a tunnel, then slide down into an arena. Here you’ll meet your first opponents of the game: green creatures that look like round cacti. After you beat them, climb up and look by the railing across from a goo-encrusted door to find an archive.

Archive: Unthinkable

After Groot makes a bridge to the robot’s eye, enter the giant head, and you’ll find an arena area (with no floor – careful!) where you can get an edge on Rocket in the competition. At the center of the room, there’s a cylindrical area with top and bottom levels. Kill the creatures in the top level, then jump inside to find an archive.

Guardian Collectible: Spinal Control Unit

After the pipe Quill is shimmying on collapses, fight off the monsters that ambush you below. Once they're defeated, climb up the metallic platforms until you see a heap of gunk. Use the double shot on it to reveal a collectible item beneath.

Archive: A Miracle!

After Drax and Gamora return, command Gamora to cut the rope holding the pillar, then tell Drax to move the fallen pillar to the nearest ledge. Climb up, then move to the next big, open chamber. The archive will be waiting there on a crate.

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