Gran Turismo 7 full trophy list leaked as copies hit the road early

Spoilers are floating around for Gran Turismo 7 and we’re talking the full trophy list, not the thing on the back of the cars.

You wouldn’t think a racing sim like Gran Turismo 7 could be spoiled and yet here we are. Some lucky individuals have received physical copies of the game ahead of its March 4 release date and, since they’re not bound by embargoes, are sharing screenshots online.

This includes the full trophy list, which was shared on Twitter over the weekend. Since then, however, the screenshots have been removed ‘in response to a report from the copyright holder.’

Basically, Sony spotted the screenshots and ordered them to be taken down. Unfortunately for Sony, this is the Internet, so people had more than enough time to note down every trophy’s name and the conditions for obtaining them.

For the sake of anyone who wishes to jump into Gran Turismo 7 completely blind, we won’t be sharing any exact details here. But if you’re not that bothered by Gran Turismo 7 spoilers (there’s a sentence we never expected to write), someone has compiled the list on the PSNProfiles forums.

What we will say, after scouring the list, is that most of them you’ll likely unlock just through naturally playing the game, but there are a handful of challenges that may require a few attempts.

Surprisingly, despite Gran Turismo 7 requiring a constant online connection (yes, even for single-player content), only two of the trophies actively require you to be playing online.

You can easily find in-game screenshots from early players on Twitter which, funnily enough, Sony hasn’t taken down. Although this is probably because they only show cars, which hardly constitute a spoiler, considering this is a racing game.

In case you missed it, Gran Turismo 7 is also expected to receive new AI technology called Gran Turismo Sophy in a future update. The AI is already sophisticated enough, to apparently, be unbeatable, but it will also be used to teach advanced driving techniques to human players.

Gran Turismo 7 releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 4.

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