Google Pokémon of the Year snubs Pikachu in favour of Greninja

Pikachu is not even in the top 10 list of fan’s favourite pokémon but would-be doppelgänger Mimikyu is.

The biggest surprise so far on Pokémon Day is that Pikachu has been confirmed as old news as far as pokéfans are concerned, and in the inaugural Google vote for Pokémon of the Year hasn’t even made the top 10.

Instead, the winner has been Greninja, which is a double slap in the face for Pika, as both starred in last year’s Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, but only Greninja seems to have benefited from the exposure.

Greninja was introduced in Pokémon X and Y, at the start of Generation VI, and quickly became a fan favourite, including being one of the few pokémon to be turned into a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

The final blow to Pikachu’s self esteem though comes from the fact that the third place choice (after Lucario in second place) is Mimikyu, who is a ghost type pokémon that wears a bag over its head with a picture of Pikachu crudely scribbled on it.

It’s not even as if Pikachu has fallen out of favour for being too old school, as fellow Gen I critters Charizard and Gengar have made the list just fine.

Umbreon and Sylveon are evolutions of Eevee, whose also Gen I and was the cover star of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! opposite companion game Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Frankly, we don’t see how Pikachu comes back from this, especially as the voting was organised by Google and allowed anyone to make their choice known. So this isn’t just a small group of people trying to be contrarians.

Google 2020 Pokémon of the Year top 10

10. Gengar
9. Gardevoir
8. Rayquaza
7. Garchomp
6. Sylveon
5. Umbreon
4. Charizard
3. Mimikyu
2. Lucario
1. Greninja

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