Godzilla Prepares to Stomp All Over 'Fall Guys' for 66th Birthday

Fall Guys has already welcomed one iconic pop culture figure to its ranks but it soon will host another. Just in time for Godzilla Day, Toho’s iconic giant lizard is heading to the popular multiplayer game to wreak his unique brand of havoc.

The beloved kaiju’s design has been playfully rendered as a bean-shaped Fall Guy for the collaborative affair. with Godzilla’s claws and fearsome face all realized as a cute avatar. Visibly angry, the Godzilla skin even clutches a puny car for additional thematic flair. Appropriately, the skin will be offered in a variety of colors, including classic grey.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Mediatonic on this Godzilla costume. With only two months since launch and boasting millions of players worldwide, Fall Guys presents such an exciting opportunity for Godzilla fans everywhere,” said Lora Cohn, managing director of Toho International, Inc in a statement. “Now, players will get to celebrate Godzilla Day in such a unique way by putting on the Godzilla suit and stomping their way to victory!”

“There are many parallels to be drawn between the mighty Godzilla and an average Fall Guy; they are both fiercely competitive, they battle on an international stage with incredibly high stakes, they always get back up after being knocked down, and according to worrying reports from our social media channels, they are both much taller than you’d expect,” Jeff Tanton, VP of creative at Mediatonic continued.

The Godzilla skin will be available on November 3, the same day that Toho will host its annual Godzilla Festival in Japan. Players will be able to use the skin by trading in ten in-game crowns.

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