Godfall: How To Defeat Solaris

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In Godfall you step into the shoes of Orin – a demigod-like entity capable of killing actual godlike beings. Turns out your brother, an equally-powerful chap, wants to ascend to full-blown godhood, and he’s more than happy to yeet you off a cliff. Macros is quite the womble.

That being said, he’s got a bunch of followers who all want to see him ascend, and all of them want to get in your way. Solaris is the first boss of many, and whilst his damage isn’t necessarily anything to write home about (at first…), he’s quite the pain to deal with if you don’t adapt on the fly.

Solaris’s Attacks

Solaris, despite being the first real boss of Godfall, is quite the tinker. He has three phases, he has a bunch of attacks, and these attacks change properties as the fight goes on. He’s a solar-powered mechanical automaton with a really big sword, and he knows how to use it.

Phase One

Jumping SlashSolaris will leap into the air and slam his sword into the ground. Solaris starts the battle by doing this and can catch you out if you aren't prepared for it.This attack has a huge wind-up, a long travel time, and a small hitbox as Solaris rams his sword into the floor. Dodge away to avoid damage. You can move in for a combo whilst Solaris recovers.
Ground PunchSolaris winds up his empty hand and tries to punch Orin. This attack is only used when Orin is close to Solaris.This attack, like with Jumping Slash, has a long wind up and is easily avoided by rolling or even walking backward slowly. The hitbox is also tiny. You can move in for a combo whilst Solaris recovers.
Horizontal SlashSolaris launches a horizontal slash at Orin after a (comparatively) brief windup.This attack, compared to his other attacks, has a pretty short wind up but is still slow enough to pick it out from the crowd. The best way to deal with this attack is to Parry it, but a Block will suffice.
(Blue) Horizontal SlashSolaris will sometimes combo his Horizontal Slash into a second Horizontal Slash that has a telling blue aura. This attack deals more damage and has an obvious tell.This attack can be Dodged or Blocked, but the best way to deal with it is to Parry. This will temporarily stun Solaris and open him up for a counterattack.
AOE Fire BlastSolaris will channel his inner fire and unleash a large shockwave that sets the nearby area on fire dealing damage over time if Orin is standing nearby.This attack shows the blast radius long before the attack goes off, giving you plenty of time to back away and throw your shield. Wait until the fires die down before you relaunch your offensive. More often than not, however, Solaris will leave the fires to attack you.

Phase Two

Solaris gains two new attacks in this phase but will continue to use his Phase One attacks. He is more aggressive in this phase, and there will be a shorter window to counterattack. Additionally, his Jump Attack gains a secondary, short-ranged shock wave that will damage players shortly after the initial attack lands.

Air StrikeSolaris will jump into the air and hover in place as beams of light fall across the battle arena.The beams of light move pretty slowly, giving you time to dodge roll if one of the beams is about to hit you. This attack doesn’t track. You can throw your shield to deal some damage whilst Solaris is stationary. Solaris will also take a while to recover once he has landed, giving you an opening to attack in melee.
Eye BeamsSolaris will go on all-fours and launch lasers from his eyes.There is a short, but noticeable tell for this attack, allowing you to dodge and get in close to counter-attack.

Phase Three

Solaris doesn’t gain any new attacks in Phase Three, however, all of his attacks gain new properties, and Solaris becomes noticeably more aggressive. Every attack Solaris has will now leave a small AOE fire pool that will damage Orin over time if he is standing in it. You will have to keep moving.

How To Beat Solaris

Solaris is protected by an energy field that makes him completely impervious to damage. This field also regenerates over time, making him surprisingly durable for a first boss. Attacking now and then simply won’t cut it, you players will have to be making an effort to attack at every opening given.

Once Solaris has lost his shield, he will be stunned for a while, allowing players to attack him and deal damage to his health bar. Solaris will regain his shield once he stands back up.

Battle Strategy

Solaris has a lot of attacks and comes with a hefty health pool that is augmented by a barrier. Your battle plan should be to dodge most of his attacks – ideally dodging towards Solaris – and counter whilst he is in recovery. Remember to throw your shield whenever you have an opening to keep pressure on Solaris and his shield.

Whenever Solaris tries to attack with his sword, try to Parry. If you land a Parry on his blue attacks, he will be stunned, giving you a massive opening to counterattack. Once Solaris has lost his shield, deal as much damage as you can to whittle away his health.

Be aware that Solaris is more aggressive in later phases, and that he starts to leave fire pools to deal chip damage. You will have to be more mobile during Phase Three, in particular, to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

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