Godfall: 8 Best Weapons

Godfall is an action-packed third-person role-playing game set in a high-fantasy world. You'll be tasked with defeating dozens of enemies with your assortment of weapons throughout both the main game and the cheaper Champion's Edition. It is only fitting then that a game all about beating up bad guys with large swords, hammers and polearms has suitably incredible weapons.

While Godfall features all of the weapons necessary to make you the most overpowered character in the game, it can be difficult to decide which is the best for you. With each one having its own unique abilities you'll need to prioritise certain blades over others. Fortunately, there are a handful of swords, hammers and polearms that are a cut above the rest.

8 Zero – Longsword

The Zero is a Legendary katana-like Longsword that has both exceptionally great skills and design. With the Zero Longsword, whenever you inflict bleed you'll fire two projectiles at your enemies. This essentially means that you can damage multiple enemies simultaneously while continuing to inflict damage over time.

The Zero Longsword is also a fun nod to the character Zero from Borderlands 2 which was developed by Gearbox Software, the publishers of Godfall. Its design resembles the katana he wields in that game, and the name is a more obvious reference. The Zero Longsword is a fun weapon to use, and while it doesn't quite fit in visually with the other weapons, it is still really well designed.

7 Dragoncoil – Longsword

The Dragoncoil Longsword is an Epic-tiered weapon and is perhaps best known for its incredible design. Its hilt features a golden dragon snaked around the handle in a spiral-like pattern with the head proudly resting at the very tip of the hilt. Fortunately, while the design is certainly impressive, the Dragoncoil Longsword is also a great weapon to wield.

When using the Dragoncoil you get the normal Northern and Southern techniques while also gaining Sheild charge whenever you land a critical hit. It's a nice bonus that will greatly benefit you in a tight situation or against a horde of challenging enemies. The Dragoncoil is certainly one of the flashier weapons featured in the game, and its impressive design is what makes it such a standout piece of equipment.

6 Izzel’s Sable Longsword – Longsword

It goes without saying that Izzel’s Sable Longsword is indeed a Longsword. Better yet, it is one of the better-designed Longswords in the entire game. Its hilt is reminiscent of ancient Chinese artifacts and its history makes it one of the more memorable blades.

The Izzel’s Sable Longsword is exceptionally helpful at dealing damage to all enemies as if you hit a foe's Weakpoint you'll inflict Void damage to everyone in the area. It's a particularly helpful ability, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed.

5 Thoronhir’s Talons – Dual Blades

There are plenty of things you should know before heading into Godfall, but perhaps one of the most helpful hints you can receive is that you should figure out which weapon works best for you. With a number of different weapon classes for you to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. However, if you choose to go with the Dual Blades weapon class, then Thoronhir's Talons should absolutely be your weapon of choice.

Thoronhir's Talons are fast-moving blades that not only look incredibly impressive in combat but are also very effective. By hitting an enemy with a charged heavy attack, you'll send out a shockwave dealing a deadly amount of damage. Not only is it excellent for crowd control, but it is also great for fighting one-on-one against some of the tougher enemies.

4 Last Victory – Dual Blades

Last Victory is an impressive pair of Primal Legendary Dual Blades that are as deadly as they are visually stunning. They offer the player a great way to recover Health for not only themselves but their allies too through their Primary Effect.

These Dual Blades offer a satisfying combination of recovering your Health whenever you inflict an Ailment on an enemy and inflicting Ailments by using Weapon Techniques. Essentially you can recover quite a bit of Health just by using this weapon's Primary Effect combo. It's extremely helpful in combat and incredibly fun to use.

3 Red Dragon Tail – Polearm

The Red Dragon Tail is an excellently designed Legendary Polearm that offers players a great way to get the upper hand at the beginning of combat engagements. Its Primary Effect, which increases your damage output when you're at full health, means that skilled players can deal a significant amount of damage to an enemy quite quickly.

The Red Dragon Tail Polearm is perfect for those who are experts at evading, or for those who've invested a lot of skill points into the Finesse skill. Regardless, its impressive design and helpful ability make it an exceptional weapon for all kinds of players.

2 Gift From The Masters – Polearm

Gift From The Masters is an Epic Polearm that is perfect for those looking to recover a bit of health during combat. With its Primary Effect, the Gift From The Masters Polearm can recover health whenever you Soulshatter an enemy. It's a helpful ability that encourages more aggressive attacks, which is perfect for Godfall's fast-paced gameplay.

However, where Gift From The Masters truly shines is in its design. It resembles weapons wielded by knights in classic medieval fiction but is still in keeping with Godfall's high fantasy themes. Suffice to say, this is a slick weapon with a stunning design that is a lot of fun to use.

1 Ravenna’s Crescent Glaive – Polearm

The Ravenna’s Crescent Glaive Polearm is one of the more uniquely designed weapons in its class. Its lavish design certainly makes it a stand-out weapon that showcases one of the best things about Godfall: its exquisite graphics. However, outside of its looks, The Ravenna's Crescent Glaive Polearm proves to be a deadly weapon.

Its Primary Effect allows the player to inflict Stasis whenever they hit an enemy Weakpoint making it a ruthless weapon against even the toughest of foes. Wielding the Ravenna's Crescent Glaive Polearm gives you an incredibly satisfying feeling as it is certainly a weapon you won't forget.

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