Ghostwire: Tokyo Rated By Korean Age Ratings Board

Ghostwire: Tokyo has been rated by the Korean games rating agency ahead of its planned 2022 release. The game was initially intended to arrive in late 2021, but was delayed last summer so developer Tango Gameworks could "bring the world of Ghostwire to life as we've always envisioned it."

As first noted by Gematsu, the Korean rating agency received the application from Tango on December 24 and just recently rendered its decision. Ghostwire: Tokyo has been rated "15 Everyone," which allows it to be purchased by anyone over the age of 15 in the country. The rating notes some disturbing scenes and violence as the reason for the 15 E rating.

The rating itself doesn't come as much of a surprise. Ghostwire places the player in an alternate reality Tokyo where everyone has disappeared and the player has been given supernatural powers to combat a supernatural threat. Players must harness their newfound abilities to save the population and return Tokyo back to normal.

Although certainly not the most terrifying game ever made (at least based on what we’ve seen from the trailers), the player is constantly under assault from specters and demons based in Japanese folklore.

Tokyo itself is rendered in beautiful and exacting detail only made possible by the P55's advanced hardware. The game will feature the PS5's ray tracing capabilities as well as 3D audio and fast loading times. It'll also make use of the console's DualSense controllers by playing spectral sounds from the built-in audio so players can hear "voices from the other side."

Ghostwire: Tokyo is due to launch exclusively on the PS5 sometime this year. With the recent rating, we could be looking at even an early 2022 launch date. Gematsu has Ghostwire as due out in "spring 2022," so perhaps it'll be just another few months.

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