Ghostwire: Tokyo – Every Water Jizo Statues Location

When it comes to element attacks, you can't go wrong with a bit of Water Weaving. Ghostwire: Tokyo may have three elements, Wind, Water, and Fire, but there's only one work horse. If you want one ghost banished, or a group, Water Weaving has you covered. It deals great damage, it has a decent supply of energy, and when charged, it can even take apart bosses.

It's so good in fact, it may become your default method of attack. This will unfortunately lead to Akito running out "ammo" pretty darn quickly – even with the Weaves generous default. As a result, you want to be prioritizing getting as many Jizo Statues as possible, as soon as possible.

Where To Find All Water Jizo Statues

Like with most things in Ghostwire: Tokyo, Water Jizo Statues are scattered all around Tokyo. Blocking you from accessing them is a fatal fog that's just dying to end your game. You can cleanse Torii Gates to clear the fog away, but many of these gates are hidden behind story progression. You won't be able to find all Water Jizo Statues until around Chapter Four.

Water Jizo Statue 1

Akisawa Shrine

Go to Akisawa Shrine and head northeast towards Shibuya Central Hospital. Keep heading north until your reach a gas station and circle around it. You will find the Jizo Statue in a wooden shrine near some flowers. Alternatively, if you have already unlocked the Fast Travel point at Shibuya Central Hospital, start there and then continue as usual to save some time.

Water Jizo Statue 2

Akitsu Shrine

Travel to Akitsu Shrine and head southwest. Near the fog wall, you will find a convenience store. Go around the store, and you'll find a Jizo Statue tucked away in an alcove.

Water Jizo Statue 3

Chishima Shrine

Go to Chishima Shrine and head north, following the forest (but don't enter the forest). In a housing area bordering the forest you will find a Jizo Statue in a small wooden shrine.

Water Jizo Statue 4

Hatsuike Shrine

Travel to Hatsuike Shrine and follow the main road northeast, keeping the fog wall to your left. You will find the Jizo Statue in an alley to the south up a set of stairs.

Water Jizo Statue 5

Kappagaike Shrine

You can find this Jizo Statue by heading to Kappagaike Shrine and heading southeast. You may need to plod through some water to get there. The Jizo Statue is in a small wooden shrine overlooking the Torii Gate, and can be accessed by going up some nearby steps or hopping the barrier.

Water Jizo Statue 6

Kamio Shrine

Head to Kamio Shrine and make your way towards the Ginpei Crossing Landmark. You will find this Jizo Statue tucked between two crosswalks to the south.

Water Jizo Statue 7

Kamio Shrine

Go to Kamio Shrine and head southwest. You will find this Jizo Statue between two buildings. There's a Tengu Grapple Point nearby to let you know you are in the right location.

Water Jizo Statue 8

Namihara Shrine

Head to Namihara Shrine, and follow the road south. You will find a telephone booth with an alley opposite containing blue vending machines. Follow these stairs down and to the right, and you will find a Jizo Statue in a small wooden shrine.

Water Jizo Statue 9

Onten Shrine

Go to Onten Shrine and head west. You can find the Jizo Statue next to a tunnel that leads under the highway, opposite a row of vending machines.

Water Jizo Statue 10

Sakano Shrine

You can find this Jizo Statue north of Sakano Shrine, on the border of the Onten Shrine area. You will find it beside a carpark near a gas station.

Water Jizo Statue 11

Shimokusa Shrine

Travel to Shimokusa Shrine and head southwest. You will bump into an Antique Nekomata. Head southwest from the Nekomata into some alleyways. The Jizo Statue is in the middle of this area, between some buildings.

Water Jizo Statue 12

Shiratsuki Shrine

Travel to Shiratsuki Shrine and go northwest, towards the highway. You can find the Jizo Statue beside a white bicycle shelter.

Water Jizo Statue 13

Utagawa Shopping District

Go to Utagawa Shopping District, and head east – roughly in the direction of the Japanophile Nekomata. The Jizo Statue is west of the Nekomata near a scooter.

Water Jizo Statue 14

Utagawa Shopping District

Travel to Utagawa Shopping District and head towards the northeastern corner of the area. You will find the Jizo Statue next to a stone pillar under the highway.

Water Jizo Statue 15

Yashin Shrine

To grab this Jizo Statue, head to Yashin Shrine. From here, make your way northeast, towards the border. Just north of the Construction Labyrinth Landmark, you will find the Jizo Statue, opposite a Nekomata stall.

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