Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s ‘Ghost Experience’ Update Sounds Like A Much Better Game

Ubisoft’s long-touted reworking of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is almost upon. Launching on March 24, 2020, the “Ghost Experience” update will make some radical changes to the base experience that makes everything sound like a much better game. Not only will the needlessly introduced “Gear Score” be gone, but the tacked-on survival will actually serve a purpose.

The main thrust of this update is what Ubisoft is calling “Immersive” mode. As the name would imply, this is a way for players to completely drench themselves in the world that is Breakpoint. The game will take a more tactical edge, will require players to actually loot different weapons from enemies to obtain them, and will even have the stamina and bandage systems as mandatory. It’s almost like all of those half-baked ideas have finally been finished.

On the flip side, a new customizable difficulty mode will also be added to Breakpoint. If you don’t like certain aspects of Immersive, just tweak them. Want all injuries to send you to a critical state? You’re insane, but it’s possible. Want to limit the amount of weapons you can carry? That’s also included. A new trailer for the mode goes over a bunch of the variables, but it certainly sounds like the type of experience that should have launched last October.

What I feel is the best part of this update is that one player using Immersive doesn’t force their teammates to do the same. Players will be able to mix and match their preferred experiences together, helping each other along regardless of skill level. That’s the kind of stuff I love seeing and wish more games had (Gears of War 2 famously introduced that option).

This may not be enough to convert those already burnt by Breakpoint, but it could be a solid way to improve the title for newcomers. A lot of the complaints that critics levied at the “tactical” shooter centered on all of these pointless new additions. If Ubisoft wanted to make a hardcore survival game, it should have stuck to its guns instead of half-heartedly implementing different systems.

At the very least, any future DLC updates may become enticing to experience. If you can just remove the pointless gear score, Breakpoint might be an honest to god good shooter.

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