Get Your Free Code For The Beta Of KartRider: Drift*

Make your drifting dreams come true with a free code for the beta of KartRider: Drift. The pre-download starts today on Xbox One, Steam, and Nexon Launcher, but you can still register to play the game until June 8.

A lot of the winners of the first giveaway reached out to ask for more beta keys to share with friends and we are here to make that happen.

To enter the giveaway you have to read the official rules, accept the terms and conditions and fill out the form below. If you don’t see the form from your mobile device please use this link and make sure your ad blocker is disabled.

What separates KartRider: Drift from competitors is its commitment to a challenging, rewarding skill curve where if you are significantly better than your opponents, chances are, a rogue item isn’t going to keep you from winning races. KartRider: Drift features a unique optional way of playing, tailor-made for racers looking to test their mettle with the world. It’s called Speed Mode, and boils down the gameplay into a pure racing experience. First off, it adjusts the drifting system, allowing you to pull off even more harrowing speed-boosts around hairpin-turns, but most importantly, it takes away items, removing any randomness and making sure the only thing separating you from a victory is your skill. Once you’ve got a feeling for how it works, watch the pros play! KartRider: Drift is gearing up for new tournaments, leagues, and more every season.

Head to the comments and let us know what excites you about KartRider: Drift. Good luck, and happy drifting!

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