Get A Closer Look At Walking Dead And Magic The Gathering's Secret Lair, Which You Can Preorder Now

Magic: The Gathering has a new Secret Lair that you may want to check out, especially for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Collaborating with AMC, the latest Secret Lair drop features some of your favorite Walking Dead characters like Rick, Negan, Glenn, and more. This set is only available for a limited time, and then it’s gone forever, with the cards never to be printed again.

We got our hands on the Secret Lair drop–after seeing a few new cards from the set recently. There are 12 cards in the set: five creature cards, one artifact, four zombie tokens, and two treasure tokens–which have two more zombie tokens on the other side. Check out what the set and the cards look like below.

Each of the five creature cards has their own specific ability and represents character from the AMC show. Michonne enters the battlefield with two Walker tokens, much like she had in the comics and for a short time on the AMC series. Negan forces an opponent to sacrifice a creature–or two–which is a very Negan move.

“The game design team really nailed expressing these rich characters with just a few numbers and a couple lines of rules text,” Wizards product architect Mark Heggen told GameSpot. “Negan is one of my favorite examples; when he hits the battlefield he has a unique rule that forces one of your opponents to play this sick mind game where they have to choose and sacrifice one of their own creatures, but you can also get into their head and trick them into sacrificing more than they had to! It’s a fun moment in the game, and it feels exactly like something the real Negan would do.”

The first box you open for the set has the words “Don’t open, dead inside” written on it, a reminder of the first thing Rick Grimes saw scrawled on two hospital doors as he woke from his coma in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Inside that box is a black box, that opens up featuring the cards, with a map to Terminus on the left side.. It’s a very cool presentation. All the cards inside are foil, and they run the gamut of colors, so you can’t really use them all in one deck–unless you want to run a five-color mana deck. There is also a code to redeem this set in Magic: The Gathering Online.

Where this may be a turn-off to some people is the price point. It’s a set of 12 cards that costs $50. However, these are unique cards which will only appear in this Secret Lair drop set. It’s much more a collector’s item more than anything else. The upcoming set has come under fire recently from fans, as some don’t like mixing MTG and TWD lore together and others don’t like how limited the run is.

This set is only available for a limited amount of time though. You can preorder The Walking Dead Secret Lair drop right now, and the preorder page will be open until 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on Tuesday, October 12. After the closing date, you will never see these cards again. It is estimated this set will ship between January 4 and February 15, 2021.

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